Friday, July 09, 2010

The bones you have crushed...

Larry has an intriguing post on how to dispose of your body after you are dead - if you're not raptured first, that is.  Let's Flush Our Dead


  1. I saw the article on New Oxford Review. Major creep factor, man! Our culture has almost completely lost all concept of the dignity of human life. We're just another animal. God have mercy. The West is one big Mission Territory again.

  2. That's gotta be one holy town if that many people from there alone made it through the rapture out of the 144,000.

  3. +JMJ+

    Hey, Terry, just in case you're Raptured, may I have your stuff? Just write up a will that says I can have your paintings, leave it with some unbeliever lawyer and executor, and things should work out. Thanks!

  4. Your rapture comment over at AoftheA really made me laugh.

    You can let Enbrethiliel have your paintings, but I want the record and CD collections.

    Does C-of-A get the liquor? (luvs ya, Cathy!!)

  5. It's never going to catch on. Too much "eeewww!" factor.
    Reminds me of the crime-scene shows, where somebody is always trying to dissolve a body in sulfuric acid in the bathtub. Then the forensics people figure it out from the dental fillings in the drain. Nevermind that the toxic fumes from the sulfuric acid would be bad enough to kill somebody.
    I watch those shows too much.


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