Thursday, July 29, 2010

Just for fun...

Words of wisdom...
If you didn't know this before, I worked in management while I was employed.  I prided myself upon being a hard worker - and I was - when I worked.  Therefore I grew rather impatient with people if they 'teased' me about not working very hard. 
You see, what ordinary people never understood, is that sometimes during slow periods, I spent a lot of time doing 'other things' in the workplace - Michael Scott things - important PR things.  In hindsight, I've come to realize how that might have been misinterpreted by coworkers and the people who reported to me.  Yeah - so in a way, I suppose one might say I spent a lot of time doing nothing... 
Sometimes I still resent the fact people would accuse me of doing nothing, considering that I believed just showing up for work was a huge accomplishment in itself.  Most people never understood how much effort that cost me, seeing that I could have stayed home and done nothing just as easily there as I could have at work.  After all, I made the sacrifice to come into work for them, to boost their morale. 
Very few people ever 'got' that.


  1. I sooooooooooo agree Terry, with the sentiments expressed in your post. I only take part in this world at all, in order to do everyone else a favour!! Like I actually need to join in?



  2. If I didn't show up to work I have no idea who would make coffee :)

    I always wonder what they do when I'm away on travel or on vacation :)


  3. Terry, you still think I don't have a job, don't you?

    Next Wednesday is "Bring A Blogger To Work Day". I'd like to bring you to my workplace, just to prove it to you. Bring your golf clubs.

    I crack me up.

  4. Preach it, brother.

  5. Bring a blogger to work day??

    Way cool..

    Whomever would like to visit my work meet me at my house at 6 am (we start early), business casual (polo shirt and kakhi slacks and dress shoes will work), bring your own coffee cup and lunch and a really thick're entering the military zone. Leave your cell phone at won't work in my building..

    We hit the ground running at 6:30am .. get off work sometime between 5 and 6 pm.. but hey it's an inside job, nice a/c. And gals--don't get too distracted by the cute fighter pilots...look but don't touch. I know I know, someone's gotta do it :)

    And don't get officers and enlisted mixed'll be in deep Bandini before ya know it :)

    Oh yeah--I forgot to tell ya...the boss needs the monthly report emailed to him by 6:45 lets change showtime at my place to 4:30 bloggers can type really fast so you should be able to crank out this report in say 1 hour?? I'll provide the engineering figures, you DO know how to create a table with scientific notations and significant figures to 4 decimal places?? God Bless you :)

    Oh yeah-- and when you are done with that I have a whole bunch of Latitudes and longitudes that need to be converted to decimal degrees and then inputted into 4 different reports..what I would have done without you :)

    Oh yeah..your additional job is to also make coffee as folks around here like to drink coffee but not make it...

    I'm so glad you're here!! Oh yeah..the guy that just pounded his fist on the desk because the emailed report is 1 minute late is our really need to suck up to him as he signs your paycheck. It would be way way cool if Terry was our boss.. :)



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