Sunday, July 25, 2010

The feast of Santiago. July 25. Compostela, Spain.

St. James, the Moor-slayer.


  1. Awesome, I want one of that in my parish.

  2. I'm glad the ropes were secured really well!

    How much incense do you reckon that thing holds?

  3. I would imagine that the only person kneeling in the church right then would have been their insurance agent.

    Wiki has the history and the "accidents" here:

  4. That's awesome, Terry! I had read about the botafumeiro, but never thought to look on You-Tube. I see that there are a bunch of videos from different dates. I would love to see that, from a safe spot. But not enough to make the pilgrimage on foot.
    There was a guy from our town, a Lutheran, who walked the pilgrimage. It took him four weeks. But he didn't get to see the botafumeiro in action.

  5. Melody, I did the pilgrimage too - I started in Assisi - I didn't walk the full way of course - but it took me several weeks.

  6. Sometime you should write a post about your pilgrimage.

  7. Terry,
    Great to see that you remember this great saint, and the rich tradition as well.
    I made the 'caminio' 6 years ago this September. I still have the compostella hanging in my office.
    I'm sure many say this, but it was one of the most profound spiritual experiences of my life.
    But the horrible thing is- and you can ask anybody who has done it- once you made the camino, you always want to go back! Oh the pain!
    Adios- buen camino!

  8. Tom - I would like to go back too. God bless.


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