Friday, June 11, 2010

Rainy days.

I've been painting on these rainy days.  On Tuesday I finished a memento mori after the Swedish artist Owe Zerge, whose 'Canticle of the Sun' is shown above.  I liked it so much I did my own version - not nearly as fine as Zerge's work.  I'll post it after I photograph it - I need good natural light to shoot in.  My version was part of my daily painting regime and I changed it up a bit - blue jeans instead of the Franciscan habit.  The  subject matter may account for my dark humor of late as well.

Today I'll try and do an archbishop in a cappa magna for my daily paint exercise.

After that I may buckle down and attempt a more serious painting, an icon perhaps.


  1. Archbishop in cappa magna???LOL!
    THAT oughtta put you in a better mood:<)!
    God luv ya, Terry. You're the best!

  2. And just to "stir the pot" (my mother always told me I did this just to annoy her!!):
    he, he, he:<)!
    Well, you mentioned "cappa magna"...

  3. Ug..ANOTHER rainy day here...high 40's...

    It would be nice if SPRING decided to come and stay for more than a day or so...

    SUMMER?? Not even close yet...

    My irises like it though...roses still sleeping..


  4. Father I finished it too - very fun! Not good art, but very fun.


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