Thursday, June 10, 2010

And then, and then....

And then they try to pass themselves off as normal.
Photo: Tea-Party Girls - Pewsitter


  1. Looks like the Mad Hatters Tea Party!
    Mad Hatter: How is a Raven like a writing desk?
    Tea Party Lady: I don't know. How is a raven like a writing desk?
    Mad Hatter: Gasp! She's stark "raven" mad!

  2. Yeah, but to be fair they're not the first crazy (logic challenged) patriots we've had.

    Ben Franklin had his "air baths"
    -running around Naked in a cold room. Who does that? hahaha
    Oh,um, nevermind.

    And he played with lightening! Or worse yet he sent his son out to play with it for him.(Here son, you hold the kite)hahaha

    Crazy isn't a new idea but it will always be highly entertaining.

  3. Two funny comments! Thanks! Did Franklin really do that? I see pot belly.

  4. Marge and Mavis.
    I know them.
    They're pretty scary.
    And they go to daily Mass and insist on praying the Rosary OUT LOUD before Mass!lol!
    Oh, it just doesn't get any better than this!!

  5. You should have been there when I showed up to Sat Am Mass a tiny bit late in my full biker leathers..even chaps and bandana..boy I sure got the looks in the Communion line :)

    The traddies shouldn't have head was covered with a bandana so you couldn't see even a bit of hair and other than my face and hands you couldn't see a bit of skin :) Modesty in the extreme :) Perhaps the swinging fringe was a bit much :) But my jacket has St Therese roses on it :)



  6. Sara: LOL!!
    You crack me up, girlfriend!
    I'd probably have given a second glance when you approached Communion...but hey, Jesus is for everybody who wants Him!!:<)!

  7. Not me and Adoro's best couture day!

  8. Cath - yeah, the veils woulda come in handy here.


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