Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I'm working on it.


  1. Can't wait!!
    And, as a stream of consciousness kinda thingy,(because of your picture of a black bear at a picnic table)...Sunday when I was at our Oratory/future Priory I found a "mound" of excrement that did not look like dog/coon/deer...it looked like BEAR! Yikes!
    I certainly hope we don't have the "three little (big) Bears" for neighbors!
    There are more sightings of coyote, fox, black bears and possibly wolves around here...maybe gots to get me a rifle (to shoot in the air, of course!).

  2. Fr. Erik R.: if you are around...what would you suggest to scare off unwanted critters?...something easy to handle and not harmful to the "firer", thank you very much. Fr. JM:<)!

  3. Bear: Where's the picnic basket??

    I'm waiting.....

  4. Maria9:52 PM

    Sure do miss all that midwestern fun, Padre. There is a certain kind of penance that is seemingly peculiar to only Wisconsin, huh?

  5. Maria: Checked out the grounds for more "evidence" of bear/s today...none...maybe it WAS the neighbor dog:<)!...although from what I could see (and I didn't inspect too closely) that animal needs some proper food...less fiber (paper, straw/hay...)!
    The midwest is oh, so interesting...yeah!


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