Monday, June 07, 2010

Okay - that's it!

I just came across a blogger I know for sure is ____ - I knew the guy before blogs were invented - he was ____ then and he is ____ now.

Of course, just because someone is ____ doesn't make them a bad person - I'm just sayin'...

But the guy is psycho.

This post will self-destruct with no warning.
It did too.  But that was yesterday and this is today.

I couldn't get into blogger since sometime last night after I removed the "Okay - that's it!" post.  I don't know what was wrong - I thought I did something really bad an the Google gestapo were coming for me.  In the meantime I had several people email me asking what happened to this post?  Telling me they couldn't get into blogger either, and did I think it had anything to do with Helen Thomas?  (That part's a lie.) 

So anyway - I took the post down because I wasn't using very PC language about a guy I was referring too and I was afraid people with mental health issues they are working on might be offended.  I don't want to be uncharitable nor do I want to offend people suffering with these issues when I use terms like 'nuts'.  In this case I should have said delusional or something similar - but psycho worked well.  I wish I could tell you who I was writing about, but it would be uncharitable to do so - I assure you, no one here knows him.  Let me simply say that the guy went from this, to that, to this, and now he's that - but like this.  I know you don't know what I mean - but if I showed his photo you would say, "Terry, that guy is nuts!"  And I would ask you not to use that term.  (No - it's not a priest or any of my friends.  Just don't even try to figure it out - he doesn't even comment here or know my blog exists - well he might.)
But what it boils down to is the age-old 'you never know whose online' story.  Just watch out while online folks - don't believe every one and every thing you read in their 'confessions' or profile.  I tell you that all of the time and it's true.  I could tell you stories about some bloggers... never mind. 
BTW - I'm working on a post about an unsavory topic - and I'm afraid it is going to be a lengthy one - I hate long posts, but sometimes one has to do them.  I could break it up into a mini-series, but people would comment before I printed everything and it might just confuse everything more. 
Is Fr. Z job hunting in NYC?  I think he is.

That's all.
Photo:  Belinda's mom showing the kids how to set a lovely table for a luncheon.


  1. Now you totally have me curious...

  2. I would perfer it to be in a soap opra format and with cliff hangers. Music would be a nice touch but it has to match the scene unlike a Quintin Terrentino movie and no gore. Okay maybe a little because he's really funny but we can only take so much of him.
    -Looking forward to that post.

  3. A man is the way he is because of the concepts that occupy his mind.

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  6. 'I don't want to be uncharitable nor do I want to offend people suffering with these issues when I use terms like 'nuts'.'

    I am eating nuts (salted) as I read. I am also subject to occasional paranoid episodes ( usually from 6-8 am daily). As a close friend, reassures me regularly..." Just because you're paranoid darling, doesn't mean 'they' are NOT out to get you." However, a second condition, that manifests more er er manifesttttttttttttly, is nosiness, and I can't wait for the blogger warning list of people who are more crazier than they intially claim to be ( or do I mean deny?).
    Anyway, I swear, I am much worse, much nuttier, much more discombobulated, than I ever dare, to admit.

  7. Tancred - it's not you or Chris or Sonnen either. LOL!

    Belinda - I was just kidding about your mom - forgive me - it is a fun way to set a table however.

    Shadowlands - I'm fairly certain you get my humor as does Jackie.

    Melody - the identity isn't important really.

  8. I wasn't being very nice so I deleted my comments.

    The liberal lifestyle is always fun for somebody but generally there's always somebody else who suffers for it.

    Anyway we never used knives - we used flaming bottle rockets. Seriously. We had a blast.

    I may delete this comment too.

  9. I still don't get it, but that's okay...
    Naivete is my blessing/curse.
    I'll just be dumb, smiling like an idiot, blessing the crowds, and get slammed once in a while.
    Hey, that's life:<)!

  10. Father it's simple nothing to taxing to understand. Mr. Terry wrote about "Gays" AGAIN and he threw in a "Yo mama joke" hahahaha He thinks he's funny. hahaha I bet he feels bad now. Poor Mr.Terry will add that to his confession list... Oh, wait that's me!

    Give us your blessing Father and we shall move on. :)

  11. Belinda: Y'all have my blessing...every prayer, at Holy Mass. God luv ya':<)!

  12. Father you have no idea how much that means to me... I've got issues and they're like an Olympic tag team sport over here- just one right after another.

    Our two air conditioners are broke one was 700.00 and the other one needs to be replaced (thousands of dollars and to think I was worried if we had enough money to run it) but wait Elizabeth just called and said my car stopped working and we just had it worked on three days ago.

    She drove to pick up a new tire for a car we had worked on for her to take back to California and that tire went flat yesterday - it wasn't even a week old. Sometimes I think God doesn't like me very much because it's never easy around here. ;)

    I told my saintly husband, I'm so sorry that my Catholic decisions have overburdened you. He said I was being silly. Our decisions are crushing us. I feel like the Waltons and I keep saying - at least we have each other.

  13. belinda: Ouch! Damn!
    Dearest, no air conditioning? Where you live?
    Jesus, mercy!
    And the car? Holy Mary! God loves you more than you can know; sufferings are the sign of God's special choice...really...believe me!
    Your husband is a gem. Love him up...
    the Lord is with you!

  14. I live on the hot Kansas prairie just like Laura Ingalls Wilder! And there are SNAKES! hahahacry (I'm being a little dramatic for effect here but not much because school payments will be due soon. Expect whining and crying on my blog)

    If life didn't suck so much we would never learn to depend upon God or see his divine work in our lives. If we had money we wouldn't even need him ;) We will be fine....eventually. hahaha

    And my husband is a Saint- for real. We take on the good cop bad cop roles and I'm the bad cop.
    Sorry Terry, I'll go away now. Probably.

  15. belinda: If I had to encounter a poisonous snake in any way shape or form, I'd do more than scream like a school girl; I'd hightail it to some more northern climate right then and there.
    You are very courageous livin' with those heathen snakes...they say that near the Mississippi River there are rattlers on the won't see me near there, thank you very much.
    I'm a total "girl" when it comes to those creatures.
    And I'm not ashamed.
    No way, no how:<)!

  16. It is wrong of me to do posts like this. Watch the Jean Vanier video I posted.

  17. Oh, no, Terry.
    We love it!
    PLEEZE don't stop:<)!.
    And Jean Vanier is so wonderful.


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