Thursday, May 13, 2010

Tom Ford auctioned off his Warhol.

An Andy Warhol work (shown) sold by designer Tom Ford has fetched more than $32 million (£21.5 million) at Sotheby's. [...]  The other star lot was an untitled 1961 Mark Rothko, which sold for $31.44 million (£21.17 million) including commission, beating the $25 million (£16.8 million) high estimate. - Source
I'm not a big fan of Warhol, although I have a socio-anthropological interest in him, his work, and his cult.  I do like Rothko however.  Amazing what art sells for these days, more amazing, how much money some people have.
How absolutely nothing everything is... 


  1. Could have gone another day without knowing... until I read those profound last words. Well done

  2. hahaha, it's all about attitude!

    Shame how some mug shots are worth a fortune yet others are worth diddly squat!

    I don't care for your new profile photo. Not scruffy enough. Too um... well, more brawn would be a nice touch. hahahaha

    BTW I had a dream about our financial meltdown. I didn't write about it 'cause it's depressing and I hate to lose my last four readers. You were in it and praying for souls!! Good job Mr.T.

    *Pray harder for old women who are financially ruined and alone. :(

  3. I changed it just for you Belinda.

  4. Kinda looks like me when I get up in the morning...

    Thanks for introducing me to the works of Mark Rothko..look foward to learning more about him and his artThe few paintings of his that AI've already seen..I love the big wide swatches of color..and how he can use lots of reds, yellows and oranges without them being too vibrant..I have to be careful around those colors as many times they seem too "screaming", and I have to limit the amount of them in my environment.


  5. michael r.11:36 AM

    I like Rothko too. Warhol not so much, though I appreciate him, and the fact that much of his pop art was influenced by the iconography that appeared in the church he attended as a boy in Pittsburgh. By coicidence, I am watching 'Pollock' right now. Some good performances in this movie, and it shows how important Peggy Guggenheim was to the careers of all of the abstract expressionists.

  6. Michael - You are so right about Guggenheim - gosh I had a photo of her on a balcony in Venice that I wish I could find - it's insane. LOL! Someone ought to do a film on her.


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