Friday, May 14, 2010

Nothing done for show.

Macarius said, 'If you are stirred to anger when you want to reprove someone, you are gratifying your own passions.  Do not lose yourself in order to save another.'" - On self-control.


  1. Tell us about this painting...


  2. Nothing to tell - a quick oil on paper after an icon of one of the sainted fools for Christ.

  3. Well writ!

  4. What I like about this picture is that it could be ANY of us, man or woman, any race, color, status in life...the nakedness removes all of the material trappings we so want to clothe ourselves in and comfort us instead of the Faith of Christ..
    the nondescript background places the figure anywhere, just as we in our daily interactions with the world are anywhere and everywhere.
    The figure with the spiky bed-head hair and the arms outstretched proclaims the joy of the Lord without concern or care of what others think...that I might be so bold in MY interactions with others in my day-to day life.

    Thanks so much for sharing this painting Terry :) You have such a remarkable gift :)

    God Bless... Sara

  5. Thanks - I just completed another one on canvas yesterday - I think I will title it self-portrait. I'll post it on the other blog sometime this week.


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