Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ray Marshall Update: He's going home!

Ray called this morning and said they're getting ready to release him from the hospital.  That is good news, but continue to keep him in your prayers please - for a full recovery at home.  He said he is most grateful for all the prayers and good wishes.  He wasn't able to talk much as he was busy packing up sheets, towels, toilet paper, and anything else he could grab from the dispensary to take home with him.
That last statement is a lie.


  1. Great news!
    T, You're hilarious!

  2. Sounds like Ray was getting his fair share from the new health care legislation.

    Deo gratias that's he going home.

  3. Great news! Terry, since you didn't have any luck with the nurse yesterday, and as long as he's packing up everythin else, maybe you can ask him if he can get some extra pain killers for his friends. :-P

    Thanks for updates...God bless y'all!



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