Saturday, May 22, 2010

Urgent request: Please pray for a dear friend.

Some of you may know about this already, but a blogger friend of mine is contemplating suicide, having been rejected by her church, she is despondent.  She has made a statement that she will kill herself today.  Please pray very much for her in this time crisis.  Thank you!


  1. praying,

    May the Comforter of Souls embrace her, May the Sweet Angels help to lift her, May her Heavenly Mother kiss her, May the Protective Father defend her, May Our Savior, save her, May her community reach out to her in need. +JMJ+ Hear our prayers.

  2. Austringer10:55 AM

    She'll be in my prayers throughout the day...

  3. I've been informed the police have been called to her resue - I have no other information at this time.

  4. Please let her know that though the church might have rejected her, God has not rejected her. No matter how messed up or challenged we are, God does not reject us. I pray for her today, and also for the situation that caused the rift with the church, that all may be resolved.

    I will offer Divine Mercy chaplet today at the Hour of Mercy for this individual and the situation.Jesus I Trust in You!!

    God Bless.. Sara

  5. I just hope it was not a decision acted upon. Lord have mercy.

  6. Also praying for her. I left a comment on her blog, trying to re-affirm God's love and the wider community's concern.
    Hope she's OK.

  7. Thanks for the update re: police. It saves me the time of saying, "pray and call the police."

  8. We were at our monthly formation mtg...were out all day...I'm so very sorry to hear this; a tragedy...prayers from here.
    Jesus, mercy!

  9. I have just seen this. Praying right now!


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