Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Daily painting stuff.

I have a couple new things up over at Up Your Street.
The panel shown above is supposed to be a self-portrait in the style of an icon.
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  1. Terry, man, you gots to have more protein!:<)!
    I mean it, mate!
    Don't go witherin' away on us...we needs you...we really do!!
    (My meds are kickin' in, yeah?!!!

  2. You have a beard??

    And I agree with NP--Darling you look like you need a cheeseburger.. :)


  3. LOL! Sara it is a 'spiritual' self-portrait - so the entire thing is metaphor. I once had a beard however. The image is about the things I often write about - which first of all are addressed to myself. Self-deception, delusion, pride, vainglory, etc. The nimbus (halo) gives all that away - my presumption, and so on. I better re-title it.


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