Monday, May 17, 2010

My apologies...

Dear Readers,
I ask your forgiveness for the posts I have done which have offended any of you.  Lately the stuff I think is funny has been misunderstood.  Too many sit-coms I'm afraid.  I apologize for any hurt feelings I may have caused.
My sincere apologies,


  1. No need to praying for are always so kind to me..thankyou..

  2. Terry-

    I"m misunderstood as well:0) I have a notorious sense of humor and I KNOW some people have taken my written word the wrong way. I think I once wrote a post about (mis)perception and their potential afterclaps. Although I quickly skimmed over your past posts and found no offense in any of them.

  3. I just took one down Tom.

    Jackie - you are a sweetie - very much in my prayers.

  4. Austringer11:02 PM

    Terry, I'm a dull-witted clod, so maybe I'm a poor judge, but no posts of yours come to mind which would have likely caused hurt feelings. I'm not merely saying to make you feel better: I honestly can't think of any, though your concern for the feelings of others is certainly laudable.

  5. I am now offended.

    I wasn't before.

    But now I am offended, that I wasn't offended before.
    Was I left out on purpose?

    You really should be an equal-opportunist when it comes to offense.

    So will I remain un-offended? If so, I am dually offended. Do two offenses make a defense?

  6. The other day, I posted a video on different ways to boil a cabbage during wartime and I lost two followers! It's hard to know exactly just what is offensive these days!

    Your blog is a breath of fresh air to me Terry, especially the 'zany' posts. Do Americans still say 'zany'? I think the word needs reviving, so I'm gonna start using it, a lot.

    I know when I am enjoying a blog, because one gets a sense of familiarity with it's author, even though you have never/ probably will never met/meet. A sort of kindred spirit feeling. I hope that doesn't sound presumptuous.

    I bet you've got some great cabbage recipes......

    Now stop worrying, and pray your Rosary!

  7. Robin5:10 AM

    Terry, I love your sitcom clips and do not find them offensive at all. I don't know what feedback you received, but I hope you won't stop doing the sitcoms/movies/retro photos altogether --

    On a more serious note, the excerpts this morning from St. John of the Cross were wonderful . . . thank you! And I'm right there with you on the list of those who fall short in every way.

  8. Terry,
    I love your blog.Your blog makes me sit up straight.
    I shall be truly offended if you change your blog in any way. (Well, you can change your profile picture occasionally--I'll give you that one.)

  9. Terry - keep striving for holiness, my friend.

    As far as any offensive posts or clips...God gave you a sense of humor that is unique to you. Many of us get it; some don't. Don't keep your gift "under a bushel" because of someone else's misunderstanding.

    I agree with Tom in Vegas - I haven't seen any offensive posts (even the one you took down, but showed up on my Google Reader anyway! Yes, I read it! ;-))

  10. I don't know what to say. God is good. Thank you.

  11. Terry,
    I benefit daily from your spiritual insight and the important things you share with us.
    Thank you.
    Peace to you, brother.

  12. Terry: Ok, you got the apology over with now back to your regularly scheduled, offending, ok, babe?!?

    I know that made you roar-as it was intended!

  13. Ah, yes, the internets...a place for thin-skinned individuals to come for their daily dose of being personally offended at anything and everything that had nothing at all to do with them, in order to keep their self-centered victim complex thriving!

    It's their problem, hon, not yours. Keep up the good work, Terry. Your insights and humor are not lost on the rest of us!


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