Saturday, April 03, 2010

Some odd goings-on in my garden...

The Saturday before Easter...
So there I was... seated in my garden room ...overlooking the garden of course... listening to Prokoviev's Lt. Kije Suite.  Suddenly, tiptoeing through the hedges, I noticed a large brownish and henna colored rabbit, dressed in waistcoat, rose colored ascot, and tuxedo collared shirt, smoking a pipe.  I should mention he also was wearing a rather smart pair of midnight-blue and white stripped knickers - his little white tail puffing out the back nicely.  Upon one arm he carried what seemed to me to be quite a large basket for his size, woven from the branches and bark of my hedge.  "Ah, so that is why part of my hedge-row is dying off." - I grumbled to myself. 
Into the basket - which was really quite lovely - a rather plump female rabbit, dressed in a soft, yellow-pastel schmatta, protected by a lace-trimmed periwinkle print apron, and wearing a little white bonnet nicely fitted with ear-holes, placed what appeared to be gaily colored Easter eggs onto the pastel  grasses, mosses, and lichens which lined the interior.  Amongst these were foil wrapped chocolate bunnies and jelly bean eggs of every color one could imagine. 
As I rose from my chair to get a better look, I noticed several baby bunnies romping in the still sleeping hosta bed.  My movement must have alerted the adults, as Mr. Rabitowitz quickly took a sip from his flask - which seemed to come out of nowhere - kissed the Missus and hopped away in a flash.  I leapt to the window to see which direction he went, but he was gone, as were Mrs. Rabitowitz and the children.
"How very odd."  I mumbled to myself.


  1. Maria3:03 PM

    Off to the Divine Office, no doubt. Terry-have you ever thought of writing books for children?

  2. Majorly off-topic--

    But several folks have inquired as to what software I use to calculate the dimansions for mat-cutting. Here it is: MatWorks1.2

    here is the website:

    It is a free download. It works on both Vist and XP, I haven't tried any others. It assumes that you are a bit familiar with with how to cut mats. It will calculate single and double mats..also has a viewing window so you can see what the finished mat will look against a sample artwork. Each mat is illustrated with the dimensions you need to set up your cutter. You can print out the screen to have with you as you work with your mat but it does consume quite a bit of ink. It does not do fancy edges nor multiple openings. Great for basic mats, especially for framing posters or that odd-size photo.

    Wish I had this in my college art class a few years is kind of a pain to do all the calculations by hand.

    Peace.. Sara

  3. Well, Terry, I'm not sure what to make of this my friend. Might you be THE bunny whisperer?

    This much I can say for sure, I don't think you've lost your marbles.

    BTW, is the moon still harassing you? I think you mentioned in a previous post that he was leaving you nasty messages inside your medicine cabinet. How 'bout the visions of Boss Hogg in a two-piece? Have they subsided? :0)

  4. I'd sure like to know what he puts in his morning would help me immensly in some of the boring meetings I have to sit through..:P



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