Thursday, April 01, 2010

Just to be fair...

Cardinal Mahony went to bat for the Holy Father too.
It seems to me everyone freely castigates the Cardinal Archbishop of Los Angeles when he does something that doesn't suit their liturgical preferences, but when he gets on board defending the Holy Father, few seem to pay any attention.  That said - the Cardinal recently wrote his own defense of the Holy Father...
While I have no personal information on some of the specific allegations against our Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI, when he served the Church of Munich in Germany, I am able to assert without hesitation the action steps which he undertook in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith when he served as Prefect of that Congregation.
Beginning in that dark year of 2002, the then Cardinal Ratzinger responded quickly and affirmatively to all of our requests for assistance here in the United States.
Recall that Canon 1324, par. 4, states that in Canon Law a minor is a person under the age of 16 years. However, in the civil laws of the United States, a minor is deemed to be a person under the age of 18 years. After we brought this gap to the attention of Cardinal Ratzinger, the canonical age was also raised to 18 years to accommodate civil law in our country and in other countries.
With respect to the processes of dealing with cases of alleged sexual abuse by priests in our Archdiocese, Cardinal Ratzinger and his Congregation responded swiftly and gave us advice on how to proceed with each of these cases. We never had delays or a lack of proper response.
Whenever I proposed that a certain priest be returned to the lay state and no longer serve as a priest, the Congregation responded quickly and in accord with my recommendations. Whether the priest petitioned himself for a return to the lay state, or whether I insisted upon his return to the lay state, Cardinal Ratzinger and the Congregation responded in favor of the Church, not of the priest individually.
Without the proactive and helpful assistance of Cardinal Ratzinger and the Congregation over these years, the Archdiocese of Los Angeles would never have been able to move forward aggressively to remove priests from ministry who were proved to be guilty of the sexual abuse of minors. - Finish reading here.
As everyone knows by now, many Cardinals and Archbishops and Bishops (Cardinal Levada calls out the NYT) have rallied to the Holy Father's defense.  This is a wonderful sign of unity for the Church.  It makes me think of the prophetic vision of Don Bosco.
H/T California Catholic Daily


  1. Good for you Father (your Emminence), good for you!
    If if wasn't for those fecking Greeks....
    "They invented gayness"!:<)!
    Only the Irish could pull this off...only the Irish.
    And Terry...where's the bit about M?

  2. I apologize for my inane comment...Card. Mahoney is to be lauded for standing with Pope Benedict...I just couldn't resist (it's my evil twin, Patrick that does these things!).

  3. michael r.8:45 AM

    An interesting defense of the Holy Father by Cardinal Schonborn. He inadvertently (or intentionally?) inplicates JPII in the mess.

  4. Some of us have issues with Cardinal Mahony that are a lot more substantive than his "liturgical preferences."

    He should support the Holy Father because in his case there has been real malfeasance with respect to how he has handled clergy abuse of minors, and he will be very fortunate if he makes it to retirement without indictment. I would also suggest that his religious education congresses have subjected thousands of catechists to indoctrination by some of the world's most notorious apostates. A short list might include:

    * A "partnered" lesbian Episcopal priestess who endorsed SIECUS's manifesto calling for "sexual and reproductive rights," i.e., killing preborn babies.

    * A professor who subtly undermines Church teachings on papal authority, sodomy, contraception and women's ordination.

    * A radical feminist, New Ager and would-be priestess who in 1993 "celebrated" a "Mass" and whom several bishops have barred from speaking in their dioceses.

    * A priest who at the 2006 REC mocked and disputed the new Vatican document nixing ordination of homosexuals.

    * A professor who co-edited a book that belittled "fundamentalist" Catholics who believe "in God and in absolute truth...and a desire to be faithful to God by following church teaching," such as pro-lifers and Pope John Paul II!

    But for me, his assault on Mother Angelica and EWTN is enough to convince me that he is a wolf dressed in shepherd's clothing.

  5. Daniel - I wasn't slamming anyone here about liturgical preferences - it was just a remark regarding the education conference silliness.

    I honestly do not know a whole lot about Mahony but I know he's been quite a controversial figure, hence my surprise he came out in defense of the pope - for some reason it provided a glimmer of hope for me in these dark days.

    1. This 1993 profile of him might help:

  6. I understand and intended no criticism of you. I'm praying with you for the Holy Father.

  7. Thanks very much Daniel - God bless.

  8. I understand that many of you have issues with Cardinal Mahoney..

    But both he and JPII made the Catholic Church "approachable" for me..he represented the church in a very welcoming way, and he planted the seed that made me want to take a closer look at the Catholic church.

    If it wasn't for him and JPII I probably would not be Catholic..

    He will always have my upmost love and respect, and I pray for him daily.



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