Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Before you drop me...

I just want to welcome all of my new followers... I've never had so many...  thank you.
They never stay around for long though - so don't feel bad.


  1. ROFLOL! A second after I posted this - I lost a follower.

  2. Terry, Terry, Terry...don't worry...there are enough of us "insane people" (by the world's standards, anyway) who will stay with you.
    I will. Until I die or Jesus comes again (I'm not so sure the first will happen before the second:<)!)
    I love your blog.
    It's a real boost in my day.
    So what if you lose a few; they just "don't get it"!

  3. Maria5:42 PM

    Teerry--I cannot possibly imagine why you would lose followers. You are among the few I always read...I just don't get it. I have been around for a while, haven't I?

  4. Thanks Maria and Father - I appreciate it. I'm not really concerned about it though.

  5. Count me in as a newbie :) Indeed a great blog :) Especially since my Internet time is limited (self-imposed..)


  6. Gosh, with a cute face like that, who would want to drop you?

  7. Terry, you're trying to do a reverse psychology, don't worry I check your blog everyday.

  8. ..says Terry as he obsessively counts his followers..:-)

    If this photo is an example of the quality care to be had at Larry D's "After the Rapture" pet care business I will never leave this planet.

  9. +JMJ+

    Speaking of obsessive counting and tracking . . .

    I just lost a Follower myself--and for once, I actually figured out who it was! (In the past, when that sort of thing happened, I'd have no clue!) Then I popped over here and saw that the same Follower was still with Terry.

    Now I'm jealous. ;)

  10. I lost two followers this month and started following my own blog, to make up one of the numbers and not feel so rejected! A kind of self affirmation. Or do I mean insanity?

    Anyway whatever, I just thought I would say Hi back, as I am a new follower too.

    Ros, in the UK

  11. Ros - thanks - just for that I will link to you and follow you to the ends of the Cotswolds!

  12. Welcome to the circleje..

    I mean, I don't "follow." But I do subscribe.


  13. Terry, I used to visit on and off but now your blog is a daily read for me. Usually via Google Reader. Love your art blog too!

  14. Thom: You nasty boy!:<)!

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  16. I'm not sure how I ended up here, I went on a sleepy Google wander and fetched up on your blog.
    Very nice.

    What IS the follower thing? I appear to have 9. But I have no idea how to 'follow' people and I hope I'm not appearing to be rude by not reciprocating.
    Mine are a small but loyal crew. Not at all fickle like your multitudes.
    What on earth is it all about?
    And Twitter too?
    It's a confounded mystery to me.


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