Sunday, March 28, 2010

Supporting the Holy Father

Though it is all balled up from the wind today, I have the papal flag flying outside my front door in support of the Holy Father.
“Pray, pray very much for the Holy Father, for he will have much to suffer”. - Our Lady at Fatima
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  1. Yes! I'm going to put ours out now, too.

  2. Anonymous1:30 PM

    For those interested:

    A Response to the New York Times
    Father Raymond J. de Souza

    The New York Times on March 25 accused Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, now Pope Benedict XVI, of intervening to prevent a priest, Father Lawrence Murphy, from facing penalties for cases of sexual abuse of minors.

    The story is false. It is unsupported by its own documentation. Indeed, it gives every indication of being part of a coordinated campaign against Pope Benedict, rather than responsible journalism ...


  3. "Roza Ferox"2:25 PM

    Am going to get a papal flag for Agnus Dei! I am praying for the Church, for the Holy Father. In this case, I pray he will be able to prove this matter false in some way, although it is appropriate for Lent, for Holy Week, for him to be like a lamb, led to the slaughter, to speak not, to open not his mouth.

    If he did get a letter that went ignored, then truth. If underlings kept the letter from him, then truth. If Rembert Weakland never sent it, then truth. Truth for the True Church. The world may never believe truth now than it ever has. But for the sake of those souls directly involved: Truth. As always, also, for our own souls: Truth in our own errors or even perceived errors. But truth even in perception, if that is possible?

  4. I don't have a flag but I am wearing my St. Benedict medal today and all during Holy Week. I will be offering up all my Holy Communions for the Holy Father during this week.

  5. Great idea, Terry!
    Wish we had one; (note to self; GET ONE!:<)!)
    And joining in prayer for our dear Holy Father, "Sweet Christ on earth,"
    as Saint Catherine of Sienna called him.

  6. Hey--no fair!!

    You have GREEN in your yard...

    My yard is still in brown winter hibernation..other than a couple of brave daffodils and crocus...


  7. Great idea Terry! (I now know all the bad things Kathy said about you are false.)

  8. Yep - she makes stuff up - she can't help it though. Don't worry Father - I'm on your side.

  9. Is this the CofA?
    She makes stuff up?
    I'm SCANDALIZED:<)!!
    (No, not really; I went to St. John's School of Theology; "you can't touch me"!)

  10. If you look closely you can see me in the background dropping his rabbits off. He keeps dropping them off over here and I refuse to allow it. It's a sick game we play.

  11. Awww, you fly the papal flag! Good job Mr.Terry, now about those hedges- it would be a treat to see you form them into some fancy shapes like they do at Disney... Maybe ...Pio blessing the passerby's or The most sacred heart of Jesus... You would get extra protection from that one.


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