Wednesday, March 31, 2010

How to Give a Manicure : How to Prevent Hangnails When Giving a Manicure


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  4. NP-- The summers I spent lifeguarding when I was in college literally turned my feet into alligator are a few ideas that might help, especially if you wear sandals alot :)

    There are several different "foot scrub" products that work really well on taking off thick calloses, and not all of them are girly smelling :) The secret to getting them to work well is to soak your feet in a basin of warm water to soften the tough skin--about a half hour- then rub the scrub on your foot with a washcloth. It will rub off the callouses like sandpaper.

    For really hard and tough nails and cuticles the manicurist is right...rub in olive oil and really let it soak may need to overnight it to get hard nails to soften up enough to trim them. Use an old pair of socks( or two) so the oil doesn't get on your bedlinens.

    For bad cracked heels I swear by Bag Balm....nothing stores carry this and its for cow udders.

    If your feet are a really hopeless case :) you might want to consider a spa pedicure. Many nail salons do these, and may even have a specialized technician as diabetics require specialized care of their feet. They will put your feet in a special whirlpool basin to soften the skin and nails, take off all the callouses and trim the nails and cuticles. It isn't very expensive--locally here they are about $30--and will give you a good baseline to start off with. The colored toenail polish is optional :)

    Of course any really bad ingrown toenails etc should be seen by a dr..

    Hope this helps...and enjoy your pretty feet :)



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