Monday, March 29, 2010

After The Rapture Pet Care

I posted this for Cathy of Alex - she has kids - I mean cats.


  1. ROFL!

    Ceiling Cat can care for them.

  2. CofA - I have no plans of getting raptured. I'll take your cats for you.

  3. Thanks for providing "comic relief" today, Terry...LOL!
    And does CofA have "mean cats":<)!
    Just askin'!

  4. But can we really trust pagans to take care of our pets. Look what they did with Ted Williams head!

    I can't eat that ice cream now.

  5. Larry: Good point! LOL.

  6. Austringer12:15 AM

    I'm with Larry -- my cats, parakeets, chickens, and lethal bird have nothing to fear -- I'm not floating anywhere.

    But, I just gotta ask -- are you all sure this is a joke? I can just see some enterprising atheists hatching this business idea for real...

    I liked the Vivaldi...


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