Monday, October 19, 2009

What I'm up to...

I've been working in the yard - pulling up Engleman ivy trailers - cutting down dead lilac trees, bringing in pots - oh - did you hear Obama is going to pull-off the Feds from going after medical marijuana dealers?  I know!  I can't wait to get sick.  If marijuana was legal, would it still be a sin?   

I cut down a cherry tree today too - I'm making a rough crucifix out of it to mount a 19th century hand carved wooden corpus upon.  I'm going to start selling  a good portion of my collection - I suppose on eBay - any one familiar with how to do that?  I hate to figure stuff out for myself.  Believe me - possessions are such a burden - at one time I wanted all this stuff, but now it weighs me down.

Anyway, in all honestly, I have been really bored with the Internet and blogging.  Doesn't it seem like the same thing over and over?  We keep writing about the same stuff and people who object to our being right about everything - all the time - keep writing their own crap trying to refute us and no one even cares what they have to say in the first place, ya know?

That said - thanks to all of you who read me and comment and stuff - I like you too - really a lot.  I pray for you every day as if you are my family - and some of you feel so close, you could be family, or at least my BFF next door neighbor.  You guys are amazing - you know me and yet still like me.  Big hug!

I have to go now.


  1. I know you pray for me. Thank you.

  2. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Terry, I read your blog regularly and I enjoy your writing so much! Don't stop posting! I have followed this Abbey-Roads (and Abbey-Roads2) and you have shared with me so much of your spiritual insight-- thank you. Some of your posts have even helped me out of my spiritual dry-spells!
    Thank you,

  3. I understand how you feel. I have been making a concerted effort to cut back. It is interfering in my having a life...

  4. Anonymous5:08 AM

    Dear Terry,

    I consider you a companion on the road to Jesus. I have enjoyed your writing. I have learned much from you.

    Thank you for your writing and work. God Bless you!


  5. Terry - your marijuana comment made me laugh!

    If you decide to put your art up for sale, I'd be interested in purchasing a piece.

    Thanks for the prayers - your in mine as well.

  6. duh! grammar fail! *You're* in mine as well.

  7. We are family, the Mystical Body of Christ is real!
    Keep up the good work.

  8. +JMJ+

    You guys are amazing - you know me and yet still like me. Big hug!

    Big hug right back at you, Terry! It's funny, though, that my own periodical dissatisfaction with 'blogging comes from the belief that everyone who "loves" me doesn't really know me. And what could be more superficial than that?

  9. Hang in there. It's the pre winter doldrums. We love your blog and you. Prayers back at ya.

  10. Dear friends - thanks very much for your encouragement. God bless you.

  11. I'm purging my unnecessary things. I've got so much crap now stashed in the garage that I have now taken to saying my Rosary for God's divine assistance in getting rid of it. I am overwhelmed.
    Bloggers who only complain get old.

    Let us know what your ebay name is so we can bid on your religious items. My husband requested an immaculate heart of Mary picture next to a Sacred heart of Jesus with a crucifix in the middle. Pictures are great 'cause I don't have to deal with 'em.
    Stuff is the big lie. It was supposed to make us happy.It doesn't.....

    Big hug to you to Mr.Terry.

  12. Enbretheliel,
    My blog is pretty transparent. I'm not good at hiding my feelings or anything really and I'm not alone. There are many other bloggers who are real with their thoughts and their feelings.(Terry being one of them only he's way smarter !) The bloggers who lack emotion are boring.

    Even Jesus get's bored, remember when he said "your neither hot nor cold so I spit you out of my mouth."
    Poor Jesus always quoted out of context by people like me..hahaha

  13. +JMJ+

    Well, that's what makes you (and Terry) so interesting, Belinda! Who wants lukewarm Catholic 'blogs?

  14. Terry's blog is interesting. What I meant to say is that if we like their blogs we would probably like them in person. It's just an extension of who they are.
    But living with others would be a whole different story. Friendships are easy.

    No one else could live with me . My anxiety and OCD would drive away the average man.

  15. Ter: If marijuana is legalized does that mean you and Ray and I can get together for a smoke?


    I thought about what you said about the legalization and still a sin. I can't help myself, really!

  16. Terry, If marijuana will be legalized, I will use it as an incense in my parish so that my parishioners will increase (incl. the hippies) and everyone will be singing Kumbaya. LOL ;-)
    I wholehearted support your blog.

  17. belinda, I have a picture remarkably like what you describe; it's a cross between, though, not a crucifix. I'd better check to be sure...

  18. God bless you Terry. When you post I read though I don't always comment (aside from that commenting seems to get me in trouble unless it's a sweet and relatively innocuous like this one). I am about "this" close to returning to blogging so you'll have something else to ignore. :)


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