Sunday, October 18, 2009

Almost Like a Brigittine Rosary...

Eighteen decades worth.

Art: Source


  1. That's a neat picture. What's a Brigittine rosary?

  2. Melody - The Brigittine rosary is comprised of 18 decades - the same mysteries as the Dominican rosary - just an added decade to each cycle. I can't remember the specifics however. The rosary is named after St. Brigit of Sweden.

  3. What do you do with a Rosary that has only seven beads per decade?
    It's beautiful , I bought it at a yard sale.

  4. Belinda - you have Our Lady's rosary of Her Seven Sorrows.

  5. At first I thought that someone had sold me a broken Rosary. The seller was selling off all of her mothers things and the religious items meant nothing to her children. (so very sad)

    I will assume that our lady wants me to use it.
    (I deduced that with my keen charismatic abilities ;)

    Thank you very much, I've wondered for years.


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