Thursday, August 27, 2009

nothing compares


  1. Her hair is SHORT!!! But she is still very beautiful.

  2. Funny to find this. I'd been listening to the car radio, and this voice came on. I thought, "OMG, a real singer?" I am THAT sick of all the breathy trebly girls and Shania Twain types. This voice, and the composition of the music -- just irresistible. I listened closely to see who this newbie to the industry might be -- I wanted more. I about fell out the door when her name was announced, 'cause I'd decided long ago not to like her. Yes, based on one incident. So, you just made me spend a whole half hour reading up on her at Wikipedia and elsewhere. Geez, 4 kids (of 4 different dads?) and a *priest* and a straight/a gay/a straight later, all I can say is I'll be praying for this gorgeous kid with a woman's voice. Thanks. I'd never looked up the video --I really enjoyed it.

  3. Oh... the memories.

    I saw her in her first American performance, at my alma mater, Buffalo State College in 1989.


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