Tuesday, August 25, 2009

3 of 14-Francesco - Francis of Assisi -Mickey Rourke

I never realized Mickey Rourke played St. Francis until Western Confucian mentioned it in his post about the actor crediting his Catholic faith for his 'second chance'.


  1. Yes he did play Francis of Assisi... ever thought of a BOXER with hard muscles can make it to play the humble poverello?? the stripping in front of the bishop scene is the most UNCONVINCING - yet otherwise, he is good enough.
    the newest movie CHIARA E FRANCESCO is the best so far - a bit long, 3 hours but certainly wonderful, better than the romantically unrealistic and unhistorical "Brother Sun and Sister Moon"

  2. Thanks for sharing this, what a beautiful story!

  3. Br. William - I will have to check out the new one. At the time of it's release and for several years after, I loved Zeferelli's version, I still appreciate it visually.

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  5. Carol1:42 AM

    Thank you for this, Terry --the host site carries the whole movie. I've never seen a whole movie about Francis, least of all with a surprise Mickey playing lead. I'll see the whole thing tomorrow. I will find Rourke believable enough.

    You find the most amazing stuff.


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