Thursday, October 02, 2008

At the dealership...

The waiting room.


So this is when blogging serves a purpose - when you are at the dealership waiting for the work on your car to be finished. Except I do not have my favorite's list here. Anyway - I read my comments for my posts, not many people can tell when I'm having fun and when I'm being serious - another sign of my insanity I guess. Oh well.


I toured some of my favorite websites already, although I still don't know what Fr. Z fixed for supper last night. He seems to be a good cook. (I notice Cathy has been slacking - but it's okay - no pressure hon.)


What to write about today? - I'm blank - I just don't know what to write about. One commenter warned me of detraction - I know about that - and he knows it.


However, it is interesting that people will distance themselves from me for fear I may write about them. It is absolutely true, I'm convinced of it - they stay off my radar screen. Maybe it isn't just for fear I will write about them, but what I write about - my opinion on things they disagree with - will often make them disappear out of my life. For instance, someone going into a profession - say politics - may try to erase every connection they ever had to me. No - I am not imagining it: Obama has not called me, so that means he is trying to pretend we never met. It happens all of the time. People disown me - my parents disowned me - now that is the truth.

Or how about the Cardinal? He has severed all ties with me - he can't be tainted by scandal now that he has a new job in the Vatican, can he? I know! Okay, so I don't know any Cardinals, although if I did, they would have to disavow any connection to me.


I don't think I fall into detraction now days - hopefully I learned my lesson. Have you noticed contemporary folk don't really know the meaning of detraction, or calumny? They think it is normal since the entire culture is saturated with it all of the time. Just watch TV - the news, political ads, late-nite comedians. All lies and scandal.


Hopefully, I can avoid that. Although I love to scare people...


  1. Afraid? Of what? The world is crumbling in around us. Do you think that this blog wields that much power? You have to actually BE scarey to scare people.

    If all of the people around you are disowning you (parents excluded) , ya gotta ask yourself "why"?

    Your gonna have to get along with people in the next world . When are ya gonna begin ?
    Unless of course you end up in hell ,then I guess it really doesnt matter. I pray that you don't.


    Thesaurus: detraction
    The act or an instance of belittling: belittlement, denigration, deprecation, depreciation, derogation, disparagement, minimization. See attack/defend, show/hide.
    The expression of injurious, malicious statements about someone: aspersion, calumniation, calumny, character assassination, defamation, denigration, scandal, slander, traducement, vilification. Law libel. See attack/defend, crimes, law.

    A visual of us ,and your blog.

    Sorry Leo,I know what I said.

  2. Well don't expect me to scurry like a bunny. I'm perfectly ready to treat you like Wellington treated Harriette Wilson.

  3. my, you are creative whilst you wait for a car repair. i'm in that business, you know, and i absolutely loathe the crooks and thieves in the business ... and there are a few out there - they give the good ones a customer who is already jaded from previous experiences elsewhere and distrusting of everyone they come to in the future. i'd never name them, of course, lest i become guilty of those detractionable calumnies [how's that for a phrase - i wonder what it means] you were talking about. you can't please everyone, even if you're on the up-and-up. man, i hate to take my car to a repair shop.

  4. You don't scare me! Not sure I like your new brunette/jogging suit look. The smooth shave is very nice though.

    Have a strong First Friday, sweetie.


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