Sunday, September 28, 2008

The Smoke of Satan

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"The Smoke of Satan" T. Nelson, retablo
Acrylic on gesso panel. Inspired by the famous quote from Pope Paul VI. The "retablo" style panel explores the crises of faith the Church experienced since the Second Vatican Council; the confusion of the hierarchy and clergy and the dissolution of religious life. The open window reminds us of the words of John XXIII before the Council: "I want to throw open the windows of the Church..." - Source
(I played with a 'smoke bomb' while taking the photo. Sorry, I do not know how to crop the images. Please click on the photo to see details.)


  1. The smoke, this is almost performance art. Or is it?

    Thank you for sharing! I just love art that makes me mull it over and think.

  2. Thanks Vincenzo.

    Lola, Thanks - I thought of that too - I just need to know how to use the camera.

  3. Surprised you didn't attract the fire department. If you have the right software, all u do is click and drag, then click and crop. Easy.
    The picture's wonderful.

  4. The little cherub seems bemused. Like your venture into performance art although I wonder what's next.

  5. Georgette10:42 AM

    nice! I am thinking the three robes are representative of the three monastaries you had been a part of at one time? The colors seem to indicate Franciscan, Dominican and Cistercian, is that right?

    and, funny take on the little cherub, which you show as a little demon here (funny in a creepy, scary, sad kind of way).

    One thing I didn't figure out: Who is the figure behind the emptied robes? It looks sad, old and female.

  6. Gette - The figure is Our lady at the foot of the cross - if you look closely you can see our Lord's feet. It is supposed to be a decaying fresco, it's meaning is connected to what some believe the 3rd secret of Fatima was about. Superficially, it refers to the iconoclasm that took place under misguided reforms and renovations after the Council.

  7. Gette - yes - you got the orders right. ;)

  8. Oh I see the bottom of the cross now! Wow, the Doloros Mother is looking right down at the scene in front of her, isn't she?

  9. Gosh, how did I miss this one in my feed reader? What are the dimensions of this?

  10. Ter: Thanks for sharing your art. The "Up in Smoke" homage really is a nice contrast to the heavy seriousness of the work!!!!

    *Cathy runs and hides while laughing*

    I can't myself-really. In any case, I KNOW that somehow this is about ME! :-)

  11. Thanks Cath for your love and support! LOL!


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