Monday, September 29, 2008

The Failout

The Dow dropped over 700 points today, because the Bush/Paulson bailout failed in Congress - yet didn't you kinda, sorta think it was going to pass after this weekend's marathon negotiations? Don't panic though - and I'm not...
I'm just depressed. My investments... I can't even bring myself to look. I would jump out the window but I'm on the first floor. My acid-reflux-ulcerated stomach feels like cancer of the esophagus. I took an extra blood pressure pill. But I'm not panicked... I'm getting used to it though - I've been in a black hole now for well over a week. There goes retirement.


Maybe my best friend will let me act in her play? "Midsummer Madness"!

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  1. Invesments...what are those again?


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