Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Repeat offenders ...

Why we keep repeating the same sins.

We lack charity - the one thing necessary.  As St. Catherine of Siena reveals to us, we lack self-knowledge.  Getting old and constantly striving to know oneself, gradually unmasks our self-delusion.  It really is a problem of charity.

In knowing yourself, you will come to know better the overflowing generosity of my charity. But if you make no effort to know yourself, [you won’t know me]. Because you don’t know me, you won’t love me. And because you don’t love me, you won’t serve me. As soon as you are deprived of me, you automatically return to your wretched selfish love for yourself, since you cannot live without love….
This is how viciously I am offended by my creatures! - Meditation June 12, 2018


  1. Excellent photo choice.


  2. Wish I could have the strength to stop smoking, although it is now perhaps too late, LOL, for a lover of life (and great sinner) such as the one in my body (and soul). I just loved the pic of the smoking nun. Thanks Terry. How bloody awful though.

    Very, very stupid of her... says one who "KNOWS".

    1. That nun is Tilda Swinton I think - forgot the film - but she is supposed to be Catherine of Siena. Anyway - the way I quit smoking is the flu/pneumonia - 10 or 12 years ago. I was so sick I couldn't even think of smoking and it lasted so long I was too sick to recognize the withdrawal symptoms. I was a 3 pack a day smoker as well.

  3. Hi Terry - just goes to show you are a REAL guy! Most males I know quit smoking relatively easily, flu or no flu.
    I've had flu and bronchitis for three to four weeks at a time and still puffed away like a true addict (I have never really inhaled, just puffed like a fool) to keep my brain activities going, if you can work that silly one out, don't waste your precious time though.

    So glad you quit. I am nearly 74 and enjoy my puffs while listening to the most glorious Catholic music from circa AD 8 until quite recently. The less I hear any of it during Mass, the more I puff and listen and revel in it in my little African cave.
    God bless you, Terry.


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