Wednesday, June 13, 2018

News for the heterosexually disabled.

Michael Voris says you can't be Catholic and gay.

He will be hosting a webinar this evening on the subject, going after the homo-heretics in the American hierarchy.

We are holding this webinar specifically to debunk all the homoheresy propaganda being peddled by the likes of Fr. James Martin and the whole clerical pro-gay crowd in the Church. If you look at any studies — usually done for political research, but still helpful for understanding conditions in the Church — you will find that the vast majority of Catholics in the U.S. and throughout the west are extremely supportive of gay sex. 
And we are going to be direct about this topic because it is precisely through being indirect that the homoheresy gang has been able to make such inroads and corrupt the minds and souls of so many Catholics. Martin and company, for example, are always presenting the case that this is about love and equality and so forth, thus pushing the propaganda themes of the political Left. - Vortex

Mike says you can't be both Catholic and gay, but there seem to be a lot of gay-Catholics around these days.  I've never come across that statement in the Catechism of course, so it may be just Church Militant's position.  Voris also slams Cardinal Dolan - coming close to suggesting Dolan might be a little light in the loafers as well.  Accusing people of heresy is a big deal - the Holy See usually rules on such matters - especially when it concerns bishops and priests.  They rarely go public with accusations, but CM seems to believe there is a state of emergency.  As Mike makes clear:

As we've covered many times before, one reason they keep silent is certainly because many of them, including bishops, are homosexual themselves. Today's leading bishops were in seminary and in formation — which was really quite often malformation — at a time when homosexual men ran the roost in seminaries and screened out good orthodox men and loaded up the classes with gay men. - Vortex

Good mother of Randy Engel!  Sounds like a cult!

Anyway, it should be a drama-filled webinar - especially for the heterosexually-disabled person who can't be gay and Catholic.


  1. "Cardinal Dolan - coming close to suggesting Dolan might be a little light in the loafers as well"

    I like Cardinal Dolan. If he's light in the loafers but lives a chaste life (as he should, as all of us should), so what? I seem to recall Mr. V having outed himself (or so they say) a while back, what happened? Why all of this mud-slinging, slamming, re-hashing of the same chimes all over again? Does this poor man have nothing better to do?

    Yawn ...

    1. I don't get him why he does this. As for Cardinal Dolan I agree with you but I gotta say he is the last man on earth I would categorize like that. Michael was snubbed by the Cardinal so I think disgruntled may be an apt descriptor of his motives right now.

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  2. Michael Voris has carved out a little hitch for himself in the nether world of lay Catholic theology. He has had past run ins with Cardinal Dolan so there is that. His implying that the Cardinal has gay tendencies seems to me to be a perfect example of the sin of calumny. Does he really have a following?


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