Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jesus said, "You are seeing him" ...

Think of this after Communion, when you look into your soul, and see Him who dwells there.


  1. I did this after receiving Communion this morning - it was a profound experience.

  2. Terry, I have a question, unrelated to this post. What do you think of the whole phenomenon surrounding near death experiences? I'm not sure whether or not I should take them seriously, since all these accounts are jumbling. Some accounts seem convenient to a particular theology, some are very new age and hippie-ish, and some are disparaging by describing nothing but black oblivion (like that Swedish guy on Reddit who said he clinically died twice and saw black nothingness).

    I still believe in the Marian apparitions, therefore I still believe in Heaven, but I'm not entirely certain whether to give the whole NDE thing any serious consideration.

    1. I'm not sure either. When I entered the monastery there was a monk who used to tell everyone that he had died once and came back, describing his near death experience as beautiful and wonderful and so on. He was a character. Doesn't science think it could have some biological basis? Cells firing in the brain, and so on? I believe some stories - but their interpretation maybe needs the same guidelines used for mystical experiences since we interpret experience according to our personal mode of understanding, and so on.

      In art - especially Hieronymous Bosch, one sees archetypal images which contemporary people claim to see in their near death experiences, e.g. the tunnel of light is featured prominently in one or two pieces - I can't recall the titles right now. So I believe there is precedent and a sort of common thread throughout human experience to support the experiences claimed bu many.

      So, like private revelations, I believe some are true, others not so much.

    2. I know a few people who claim they've seen angels or heavenly beings after slipping and hitting their heads. I think they just saw medical staff and bright hospital lights. However God can use His created world to being you closer to Him so I just smile and say "is that so". That's what my friend says to those claim their rosaries turned to gold...just before she changes the subject.


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