Saturday, March 25, 2017

While I've been offline: There have been reports Martin Luther has been rehabilitated ...

I'm against it.


  1. You should be against the "re-habilitation" of "unser Martin", says Ms Catharina of Siena, a former Protestant.
    But you have a leeeettle problem here. Your (and mine) Papa Francisco just LUUUVS Martin.
    He seems to go even much further in his theology or his many utterances here, there and everywhere than the hero of my erstwhile "tradition". LOL.
    And you truly follow and love Pope Francis, so what are you going to do now?

    Perhaps Luther was right?

    Now, you would not like that to be said, would you Terry?

    1. No. Unless of course, Luther was right at first - but then he went wrong. I always think of how scandalized S. Teresa of Avila was on account of what the Lutherans did.

      I haven't read anything more than headlines on this, so I don't know what the Pope actually said. Sometimes I just post because I like the gif. ;)


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