Monday, March 27, 2017

Male Makeup Alert.

Keep your chins up!

Yes, but notice the priest at the left in this photo...

He's 96 but looks much younger. Why? The 'slight tan' of Jergen's Natural Glow Moisturizer. (And maybe a little help from a top of the line men's makeup brand.) Notice the subtle hi-lighting on the brow bone above the eye, giving lift to the eyes. I picked up on that right away.  Looking more closely, I noticed the slight tan w/shading below the chin - to lessen the effect of the sure to get priestly double chin - from looking down at his Psalter all the time.  Add in a bit of shadow at the cheek bone to define and thin the face, dramatized with a dab of highlighter across the bone, top of the forehead, and down the nose. Crown the head with the very subtle highlighting of the hair-weave to capture that youthful look... And voila - he knocked off 30 years and he's back contending for a curial position.

Fathers, look your best.


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  1. Most interesting indeed, Terry. When I read the piece this morning I did find myself looking at this priest wondering if he spends time toiling in the sunny vineyards of the Lord in Capri.

    God bless him!

    1. I'm totally being silly and irrelevant - pay no attention - I'm sure he is just a naturally handsome man - still in his 50's. :)

    2. I am aware of your playfulness, Terry but I still wondered about him basking in the sun of beautiful Capri. ;)


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