Monday, January 09, 2017

This is reasonable.

A characteristic of the Catholic Church: to be subject to the pope.

In a recent interview, Bishop Schneider explained the importance of not losing a characteristic of the Catholic Church, which is being subject to the Pope. 
“If you remain canonically autonomous for too long, you run the risk of losing a characteristic of the Catholic Church, that is, to be subject to the pope. We cannot make our subjection to the Vicar of Christ dependent upon the person of the pope; this would not be faith. You cannot say that “I don’t believe in this pope, I don’t submit, I am going to wait until one comes along that I like.” This is not Catholic, it is not supernatural; it is human. It is a lack of supernaturality and trust in Divine Providence, that God is the one who guides the Church. This is a danger for the SSPX” - Source

Works for me.

This does too:

Cardinal Müller said Pope Francis’ document on the family, Amoris Laetitia, was “very clear” in its teaching.
“Everyone, above all Cardinals, has the right to write a letter to the Pope. However, I am amazed that this became public, essentially constraining the Pope to say ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I don’t like this. Also, a possible fraternal correction of the Pope seems to me to be very remote, it’s not possible in this moment because it doesn’t concern a danger for the faith as St. Thomas said.”
“We are very distant from a correction and I say that is a loss to the Church to discuss these things publicly. ‘Amoris laetitia’ is very clear in its doctrine and we can interpret the whole teaching of Jesus on matrimony, the whole teaching of the Church in 2000 years of history.” He concluded, Pope Francis, “asks to discern the situation of these people who are living in unions that are not regular, that is, not in accord with the teaching of the Church on matrimony, and asks to help these persons to find a path for a new integration in the Church according to the conditions of the sacraments, of the Christian message on matrimony. But I don’t see any conflict (contrapposizione): on the one hand we have the clear teaching on matrimony, and on the other hand the obligation of the Church to concern itself with these people in difficulties.” - (Fr. Z translation) Story here.


Snap out of it!

Even cats know this stuff.


  1. I know there's a reason as to why I like Cardinal Müller so much ... a crush even!
    I hope many "chats" have been going on behind closed doors regarding this issue. Maybe Papa Francis even took a stoll over to the Monastery a few times to talk to Papa Benny and seek his wise counsel.

    Cardinal Müller:

    Müller told Tgcom24, “has the right to write a letter to the Pope. I was surprised, however, that this was made public, almost forcing the Pope to give a “yes” or “no” answer. I don’t like that. Even a possible fraternal correction of the Pope seems very remote, it is not possible at this time, the faith is not in any danger as St. Thomas put it.”

    I wonder if the noble Cardinal is next on the "chopping blog smear campaign?
    Prayers for him and for a good resolution to this dubia issue.

    1. I was pleased with that statement as well. "I was surprised however that this was made public."

    2. This is a solid statement by the noble Cardinal as well,

      Asked about the popular tendency to compare Francis to his predecessor, the cardinal argued that it “goes against the Catholic faith” to do so, since both pontiffs are “gifts for the Church,” each of them marked by different experiences and different cultures


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