Monday, January 09, 2017

This just seems dumb.

The Presidential Prophecy.

No one cares, but it was interesting.  Charlie Johnston's prophecy may be turning out to be not all that important - although he says the other eight public prophecies are.  Don't know what I'm talking about?  I think you do.
"What I was told in the Spring of 2008 was that Barack Obama would win that year's election, that he would not finish his full term, and that the next stable national leader would not come from the political system." - Charlie Johnston
So, time is running out for all of this to work out, come true, and then, and then ... if it doesn't, it might be true in a spiritual way that we were too sinful to see, or it was mitigated, or ...

What difference does it make?

Some readers hate it when I say this, but I will repeat what Our Lord told the disciples, something I try to take to heart: "You do not know what spirit you are."

One more reminder from St. John:

"[...] Souls are misled by imparting to God's locutions and revelations a literal interpretation, and interpretation according to the outer rind.  As has been explained, God's chief objective in conferring these revelations is to express and impart the elusive, spiritual meaning contained in the words.  This spiritual meaning is richer and more plentiful than the literal meaning and transcends those limits."
[...] "Anyone bound to the letter, locution, form, or apprehensible figure cannot avoid serious error and will later become confused for having been led by the literal sense and not having allowed for the spiritual meaning which is divested of the literal sense.  ('The letter kills, the spirit gives life' - 2 Cor. 3:6)" - Read St. John of the Cross, The Ascent, Bk II, Chapter 18 and 19

 Another very clear warning regarding Charlie's prophecies and messages was issued by the local ordinary of his diocese, Archbishop Aquila:

Archbishop Samuel J. Aquila of Denver has decided to strongly advise the faithful to exercise prudence and caution in regards to Mr. Charlie Johnston’s alleged divine visions and messages. 
"Mr. Johnston will also not be approved as a speaker in the Archdiocese of Denver." - Source
It is clearly stated - yet even after that precaution, followers argue that Charlie can still do and say as he wishes elsewhere - and of course, he is free to do so.  Just without Church approval.  Therefore, Catholics disregarding the Bishop's statements should not be surprised when life goes on and things don't turn out as predicted.  "Anyone bound to the letter, locution, form, or apprehensible figure cannot avoid serious error and will later become confused for having been led by the literal sense..."


  1. I think he was right but Trump mitigated the storm with his glory.

    1. I think I could actually write something on how he really was right, but I'll let him do that - or one of his followers. It's a fairly easy fix really.

  2. Trump will gladly take credit for that. It is even more important then the thousands of jobs he has saved. We have a similar prophet in my Diocese. Maybe everyone has one. Denied official recognition he goes on lucrative speaking tours all over the country. It seems Florida is particularly receptive and California too. Seems there is a ready audience for this stuff.

    1. I think we still have a mystic here too. I don't think she does speaking engagements though, and last I heard she is obedient to the bishop.

  3. Comic!

  4. IMHO, the archdiocese of Denver should have asked him to refrain from publishing his messages after he called on readers to follow him on a "10 Million Man March" on Washington. That could have endangered lives. There is evidence on his blogs that his disciples were moving assets and spending cash on preps, all of which can real grief and harm. Nothing forbids an archbishop from calling on a mystic--who seems to be a cult leader--to take time off for reflection, especially one as avidly political as Johnston during a highly partisan election and transition. It's not just "dumb," there's a duty to warn, isn't there?


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