Sunday, January 08, 2017

So this is the epitome of 'Fake News': British man is four months pregnant.

No he's not - she is.

The story is that a British man says he's pregnant by an anonymous sperm donor guy she found online.  The British man was born a woman and has not completely transitioned as of yet - but she's legally a man - so they published his story as the first British man to become pregnant.  Read about it here.


  1. Are people really that stupid or just brainwashed?

    1. In the process of brainwashing - hence stories like this.

    2. Balderdash!

      Poor folks who get sucked into believing these lies! What a scandal.

  2. So maybe gender dysphoria is still a thing but only for reproductive organs. His testes are apparently still behaving like ovaries. There must be an incredibly hostile culture of function-normative prejudice among the internal organs (probably led by the liver and kidneys (mega jerks!)). Once the other organs realize they are on the wrong side of history and repent of their oppressive ways, the testes will be free to start producing sperm, just like they always knew they should.

  3. Ugh, don't they realize that sperm donors are meant to be anonymous and to find your own may mean the guy is the legal father?

    There was an allegedly pregnant man in the US a few years ago. Um, not. Woman with uterus pretending to be man save for the pregnancy part.

  4. Terry - there might be exceptions ... ;)


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