Sunday, January 08, 2017

The Pope's response to the 4 Cardinals and the 5 dubia: "When hell freezes over."

Oops!  I meant when the fountains freeze over.

Looks like we may hear something this week.

Yeah.  That's right, I'm predicting.

You know - because of the 'signs'.



  1. What? Now I'm really confused......

    1. I think it was a crackpot prediction. The water in the fountain is frozen so close to hell, right?

  2. One idea seemed rather dubious to me when first I thought about it but why not have a get together over some hot mate and galletitas and just hash this thing out?

    In the Nursing world an open wound, left unattended, will fester, become infected, sap the body of needed strength leading the person affected to deal with physical pain ... the emotions get sapped too since that wound takes a long time to heal.

    I don't want to see this happen to our beloved Catholic Church because of this confusion/misunderstanding.

    I'm praying and hoping ...


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