Sunday, January 08, 2017

Fr. Michael Scanlan, TOR

I'm sure he is a saint.

For me, he grounded the Charismatic Renewal - he gave it theological substance and kept it Catholic, and deeply Marian.

May he rest in peace, may God be glorified!  May he pray for us in these confusing times, let the fire fall and ignite our hearts in burning charity and love.

In thanksgiving for the life and priesthood of Fr. Michael Scanlan.



  1. Fr. Michael was awesome. When I first came back to the Church through the Charismatic Renewal, I learned so much from him. I remain grateful for his faithfulness to this day.
    John Michael and Scott Hahn are two others from whom I learned much.

    May our Lord Christ Jesus be glorified through the faithfilled life and witness of Fr. Michael!

    1. * John Michael Talbot

      I almost wanted to join his community back in the day. When he used to sing Lion of Judah, I was always moved to tears in praise and worship.

      consolata, I hope you listen to this beautiful praise song ... it is very uplifting!


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