Saturday, December 10, 2016

Things providential ...

Last night I finished a little icon based upon the one of St. Elijah shown above.

The readings this morning were all about Elijah!  How cool is that.

God guides us in mysterious and joyful ways ... even amid sadness and loss ...

"No pit is so deep ..."

"It is there, in the depths of our nothingness, that his mercy and his justice - two things we do not usually associate with one another - meet." - Guillerand

"To be plunged into humility is to be plunged into God, for God is at the bottom of the abyss." - Elizabeth of the Trinity


  1. Issuing from the Primary Principle, creatures accomplish a sort of circuit, a gyratory movement, such that all things when they tend to their proper end are returning to the Principle whence they came forth...We were created by the Son and by the Holy Spirit; and hence it is by them that we are brought back to our end. ~ St. Thomas Aquinas

  2. Everywhere in this world we notice action...departure and return; going away and coming back; separation and reunion. The separation always looks forward to union, which is creative. All this is simply an image of the Blessed Trinity in the activity of creatures. ~ St. Maximilian Kolbe

  3. Your work is beautiful! Please sell more in your store.

  4. 'There is no one more humble than God.' Francois Varillon, SJ. Merci for the quote from St Elizabeth of the Trinity, OCD.


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