Sunday, December 04, 2016

Guess who died today .... Jacques Duèze


On December 4, 1334 Pope John XXII died.

I know!  How very providential and funny you should bring that up, and stuff.

But I can't say anything about it.  You know ....

Except Pope John XXII - the longest living Avignon Pope who had his own issues with the Franciscans BTW, and was corrected from serious error by cardinals and theologians who were dubious about his orthodoxy.  He kept silent for awhile, but then retracted.

Another factoid - he confirmed the rule of the Carmelites in Europe.

I might mention those Franciscans he had problems with were the extreme penitent, we love absolute poverty, types.  (L'épineuse question des franciscains.)  John XXII didn't like that.  You know, total poverty and barefoot stuff.  He didn't think it was necessary.  In fact one of the heretics was declared pope - an anti-Pope of course.  He was a member of the Franciscan group condemned, the Fraticelli, and he was named Nicholas V.  There was a schism going on and everything.  Nicholas was deposed and run out of Rome after three months.

"So anyway," asked my Valley girl neighbor, "if like the Pope errs in one thing, like how do we know if he's right about whatever, then?"

I could answer that but I won't.  You know ... just because.

John XXII died a Pope in good standing at the age of 85.

All the people under his reign probably died without knowing what was going on.

The moral of the story is they all died and found out what happens immediately after death... like right away.

"Pope John XXII (1316-34) confirms the decisions of previous Popes, 
shown above him among the angels with bulls in their hands, 
recognizing the Carmelites as an approved religious order." - NLM

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