Tuesday, December 06, 2016

In Thanksgiving for the Patronage and Protection of St. Nicholas

O champion wonderworker and splendid servant of Christ, 
thou who pourest out for all the world 
the most precious myrrh of mercy 
and who art an inexhaustible sea of miracles, 
we praise thee with love, Saint Nicholas. 
Since thou art one having boldness toward the Lord, 
from all dangers do thou deliver us, 
so that we may cry unto thee:
Rejoice, Saint Nicholas, Great Wonderworker.
Truly, Father Nicholas, a song should be sung unto thee from Heaven, and not from earth. How can mere men proclaim the greatness of thy holiness? Wholly conquered by thy love, we cry unto thee:
Rejoice, model of lambs and shepherds.
Rejoice, holy purification of mortals.
Rejoice, container of great virtues.
Rejoice, pure and honourable abode of holiness.
Rejoice, all-luminous lamp, beloved by all.
Rejoice, light golden-rayed and blameless.
Rejoice, worthy converser with angels.
Rejoice, good guide of men.
Rejoice, treasury of spiritual fortunes.
Rejoice, seeker of those in need.
Rejoice, through thee we are delivered from bodily passions.
Rejoice, through thee we are filled with spiritual delights.
Rejoice, Saint Nicholas, Great Wonderworker. - Akathist to S. Nicholas

Happy feast day to all.

Thank you dear St. Nicholas for your great mercy and kindness and unceasing protection! Thank you for the joy amidst sorrow, the light in the darkest night!  


  1. St Nicholas is so much more then our sanitized Santa Claus. He works wonders year round. Happy St Nick's Day to everyone. Did you leave your empty shoe outside your door last night?

    1. No, but I left a lighted candle before his icon. Happy St. Nicholas Day!


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