Thursday, December 08, 2016

Christmas Gift Ideas: Talking Doll Records Kid's Conversations

The talking doll “My Friend Cayla” is doing way more than just entertaining children — it’s also recording their conversations. - Story here.  I bet they got the idea from Seinfeld.

My Friend Estelle.

George and Susan and My Friend Estelle.

Mr Costanza didn't like it.

My mother would have bought something like this.  She was deaf in one ear and couldn't always hear what we were saying - under our breath.  She listened in on our phone conversations, read anything we wrote - I used to keep a journal which she found hidden in the basement.  She went through our pockets, our drawers and searched under our mattresses and so on.  My dad didn't like it either.  She was a very suspicious woman.  Although it was fun to get her going sometimes ... she could be very dramatic - it was like living in a soap opera.

I heard that!

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