Thursday, September 08, 2016

The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Your birth, O Virgin Mother of God, 
proclaims joy to the whole world,
 for from you arose the glorious Sun of Justice, 
Christ our God; 
He freed us from the age-old curse and filled us with holiness; 
he destroyed death and gave us eternal life.


Sweet Child Mary, destined to be the Mother of God and our sovereign and loving Mother, by the prodigies of grace you lavish upon us, mercifully listen to my humble supplications. In the needs which press upon me from every side and especially in my present tribulation, I place all my trust in you.


I am all thine, and all that I have is thine, O most loving Jesus,
through Mary Thy most holy and Immaculate Mother.

Holy Child Mary of the royal house of David, 
Queen of the angels, 
Mother of grace and love, 
I greet you with all my heart. 
Obtain for me the grace to love the Lord faithfully 
during all the days of my life. 
Obtain for me, too, a true devotion to you, 
O mystical dawn, 
house of God,
gate of heaven.

Hail Mary, full of grace!

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  1. Birthday celebrations are so much fun. I like to think of Mary as an infant, youngster and adult cel beating her special day. Was it a part of Jewish tradition to celebrate birthdays? Anyway, it is a special day. Happy Birthday Mary!


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