Friday, September 09, 2016

Second thoughts on the Vatican's sex-ed program ...

Illustration from The Meeting Point

Yesterday, a friend sent me a link to a LifeSite article, which I unquestionably linked to, and later did a stupid humor post on the Vatican Project,  'The Meeting Point: Course of Affective Sexual Education for Young People' using gifs from the film Airplane which were tasteless.  I apologize.

That said - I'm no expert on how or what to teach kids regarding sexuality and marriage - I have an idea, but I'm not involved in education, and I have never been a parent.

I just want to say that a certain degree of explicitness and candor - age appropriate of course - would not be inappropriate in any sex-ed program.  Especially for teens - who know more today than I ever did at their age.

I'll tell you why I think that.  In the early 1980's I watched a NOVA documentary called the The Miracle of Life on PBS.  It was magnificent.  How it was filmed, inside the body, seemed absolutely miraculous.  It graphically explained the man's parts as well as the woman's parts and how they fit together, if you will.  It explicitly depicts the moment of ejaculation inside the woman and follows the sperm to implantation and the development of the embryo, and so on.  From conception to birth: The Miracle of Life ... to be sure.  When I first watched it, for me it was a profound, awe-inspiring revelation.  It completely changed my thinking regarding contraception, abortion, as well as homosexual acts.


  1. I remember that now, too ! Thanks for jogging my memory. Yes: So Truly Miraculous. God is Great.
    .....sadly today young kids "see" things on TV and the internet much more in line with porn. mutual use/abuse. I can not imagine how this colors their emotional life.
    That said, having grown up ( guess I still have not -) in an alcoholic home, I turned to sex at such an early age, not really 'knowing' anything but the great need for warmth, attention, attention of any kind, and an even greater need to persue 'love' at any cost to myself. Such a high price for so little !
    Children today have it even much, much harder than I and others of that time. Really it breaks my heart.

  2. I always pray the Second Sorrowful Mystery for my grandchildren and godchildren - that they will remain pure and never become addicted to porn.


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