Friday, September 23, 2016

Preparing for the feast of St. Therese... prayerful considerations.

"I am resigned to being always imperfect, and I even find happiness in it.  
I keep an eye on myself to see if I can discover any new imperfections." 
- Therese to Mother Agnes of Jesus

Therese - by those who didn't like her.

Not everyone liked Therese while she was alive, some of the sisters may have been jealous, others suspicious of her piety and little way.  I love those testimonies which questioned her sanctity.  My very first spiritual director wasn't a big fan of Therese.  When I told him that I was reading Story of A Soul, he said, "She was nuts you know!"  I laughed when he related the story of her 'mysterious illness' as a child, upon which he based his analysis.  I wasn't discouraged.  Recently another priest suggested St. Joseph Cupertino was nuts too.  If you believe these guys, the good news is that even nut cases can be saints.

+ prayer + 

O Lord, Who has said: Unless you become as little children you shall not enter the Kingdom of Heaven; 
grant us, we beseech Thee, so to follow in humility and simplicity of heart the footsteps of St. Therese, the virgin, that we may obtain everlasting rewards. Who lives and reigns forever. Amen.

Remember Little Therese, your promise to 'come down' ...
come down in our time now - when there is so much suffering!
You promised to spend your heaven on earth doing good...
you said "I shall come down".
We thank you for your constant companionship and help,
and the many favors and signs you have given us ...
but listen to our prayer now in these days of so much hatred,
'come down'
visit those suffering in war and terror - especially the 
people of Aleppo and greater Syria and 
throughout the Middle East.
'Come down' and help those most in need,
take what is ours, as it were,
and distribute these graces as a
shower of roses
upon those most in need.
Thank you little Therese,
wonder-worker of merciful love!
Thank you!


  1. Have you ever read her sister Celine's book, "My Sister, St Therese", Terry?
    There's a lot of Therese's spiritual guidance, but it's also very funny in parts.When Celine worked in the infirmary she was at the beck and call of several elderly nuns who were patients. Apparently they kept her hopping with requests, to the point that Celine would duck under their windows when passing by outside. Hilarious. (Therese told her to stop)

    1. I have read it - I'll try to include it in posts leading up to her feast day. They are so charming, these stories - Celine is the best example for the little way.

  2. "Therese - by those who didn't like her"

    Since our Holy Father Papa Francis has a devotion to her, he is in good company since many claim they do not like him. ^^

  3. Terry I enjoy your light hearted humor and insights a little off kilter. I never read about the Sisters who criticized Therese. So interesting. Thank you.

    1. Therese has been very generous to me and my family - I won't go into detail, but I assure you she is spending her heaven on earth - signs of her presence have been remarkable.

  4. If only everyone felt feted, cherished and adored - what a wonderful world this would be.

    1. You are right on Angela. Amen.

    2. Yep - Angela that is for sure! :)

  5. My mom had a great devotion to the Little Flower. Mom spoke of the Little Flower with great affection. I am praying for a special intention right now and have asked my mom to join me from (hopefully) heaven on this endeavor.

    1. Therese won't disappoint you.

  6. Please note that this post, from the words "On October 15, 1907" to the words "easy to be amiable when you are fawned upon" was taken from my Web site, "Saint Therese of Lisieux, A Gateway" ( where I published it on July 15, 2012. In this blog it is improperly attributed to the book "St. Therese by those who knew her," where it does not appear. You may see the original post at I mention there that I translated the letter of Sister Therese of Jesus from the Web site of the Archives of the Carmel of Lisieux ( Both these sites are valuable for those who want to know more about St. Therese.

    1. Maureen, I apologize for the oversight - I reprinted the anecdote from an earlier post which I will track down and delete. I'm not sure how I failed to link to you if your site was the place I came across the letter. I beg your pardon and thank you for calling this mistake to my attention.


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