Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Now Hillary has a body double? The disturbing collapse of Hillary Clinton.

It's Pope Paul VI and Sr. Lucia all over again.

I'm actually serious about the disturbing part.

It is disturbing - something appears to be wrong with Mrs. Clinton's health, and speculation is running wild.  It's even crazy - especially the idea of a body double.

But I think she's fine.  I'm sticking with my first impression too.  Mrs. Clinton just wasn't feeling well.  She was up late the night before - had a few drinks.  On September 11 she was dressed too tight - meaning, she probably was wearing Spanks as well as a bullet-proof vest, her feet are too small for her body - she has huge legs, she was overheated, dehydrated, and just not feeling well.  She probably had diarrhea and went to Chelsea's to change her pants.  She just pretended to collapse rather than admit she pooped her pants.

Hillary with the doctor 
pretending to be her new
best friend.

Oh.  Oh!  She had her doctor with her too - so the ER wasn't necessary.  The doctor checked her vital signs to make sure she didn't need to go to the ER and to demonstrate she was there for her and all that.  They went to Chelsea's, got her cleaned up, gave her some sort of energy shot, and she walked out alone to show she was fine.  And her hair was a very Henri Bendel weekend dyke-do.  Very New York.  Very Vogue.

So that's it in a nutshell folks.  She's  fine - still full of piss and vinegar.

All the health reports and rumours are coming from the vast right-wing conspiracy-basket cases of deplorables, trying to spread their phobic lies across social media.

Hillary, one day earlier.



  1. What of the fluid in her lungs leading many to speculate pneumonia? And did not some doctor of hers confirm the pneumonia?

    Hack, she even cancelled her trip to my beloved but left leaning state of California. Folks are claiming her hubby, Hilbill is gonna do the talking for her. >x<

  2. That's it! You've solved the mystery and found the real Sister Lucia! After a few spa treatments, some dental work, bleach, booze and formaldehyde. She's preserved forever!


  3. Funniest.Post.EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Have you noticed that all the really good and crazy conspiracy theories have a body double in them? Pope Paul VI and sister Lucia are two that come to mind. Now Hillary. I think that would be the worst job in the world. Pretending to be the most untrusted and disliked woman in the US. They could not pay me enough! I want to know which Hillary was the imposter? The one at the 911 memorial or the one who nearly sprinted out of Chelsea's multi-million upper east side apartment? By the way how did Chelsea come to get such high priced classy digs? Oh yes, she did have some low paying out of college employment as something or other and then moved on to the Clinton Foundation as something or other. I digress. The conspiracy theorists are working overtime. They report that the two Hillary's carried her Hermes handbag on different shoulders during this drama. Also, the Black Secret Service agent always close to her is really a NJ neurologist. That he always is carrying an injection pen to use if needed. All I know for sure is that I want some of that stuff they gave her during the 90 minutes recovering at Chelsea's. It must be good stuff. (In college we had another descriptive but it is impolite to use in good company.) Well, this is the drama we can expect from now until November and four years after that no matter who wins this awful embarrassing election. Unless of course the Hillary double takes over. I read on the internet she is really a very nice woman!

  5. This is a liturgical outrage: here it is the Exaltation of the Holy Cross and, because of this posting, TJ, I am laughing my fool head off. Something is so wrong.


    1. I post things like this just to make you and Badger and Larry laugh.


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