Monday, September 12, 2016

Pope Francis on divisions.

Holy Name of Mary

“The devil has two very powerful weapons to destroy the Church: divisions and money.”

Today's first reading for Mass really struck me, and now online, I discover the Holy Father discussed what Paul wrote to the Corinthians, and I think it is prophetic.
“And the divisions in the Church do not allow the Kingdom to grow; they do not allow the Lord to be seen as He is. Divisions make you see this part, this one against the other. Always against! There is no oil of unity, the balsam of unity. But the devil goes elsewhere, not only in the Christian community, he goes right to the root of Christian unity. And this happens here, in the city of Corinth, to the Corinthians. Paul rebukes them precisely because divisions arise, right at the heart of unity, that is, in the Eucharistic celebration.” - RV
"Right here - at the heart of unity, that is, in the Eucharistic celebration."

I'm so glad the daily homilies are back.

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  1. "I'm so glad the daily homilies are back"

    Me too. Viva il Papa!


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