Saturday, September 17, 2016

The lost feast of St. Francis

Sacred Stigmata of St. Francis
Peter Paul Rubens

Today I think it is pretty much only Franciscans who celebrate this feast, and maybe Traditionalists.  When I was little it was allowed universally - I think - at least it was included in my daily missal.  Of course, the event was recalled in art and literature as well.  Images as shown above inflamed my heart with devotion and attracted me to prayer, while piquing my interest in religious life.  What developed has been a lifelong devotion to St. Francis, whose intercession I ask today, that love may once again inflame my heart and purify my conscience.

O Lord Jesus Christ, Who when the world was growing cold, in order that the hearts of men might burn anew with the fire of Your love, did in the flesh of the most blessed Francis reproduce the stigmata of Your passion: be mindful of his merits and prayers; and in Your mercy vouchsafe to us the grace ever to carry Your cross, and to bring forth worthy fruits of penance. Amen.

"If you now yearn to know how that happens (mystical communion with God), ask grace, not doctrine; desire, not the intellect; the groaning of prayer, not the study of the letter; the spouse, not the teacher; God, not man; darkness not clarity; not light but the fire that inflames everything and transport to God with strong unctions and ardent affections. ... We enter therefore into darkness, we silence worries, the passions and illusions; we pass with Christ Crucified from this world to the Father, so that, after having seen him, we say with Philip: that is enough for me" (Ibid., VII, 6). - Taken from Idle Speculations


  1. That Mickey Rourke pic holds some truth since I remember reading he had come back to the faith while hanging out in the church basement, smoking with his parish priest. How much is true? Quien lo sabe but the priest who mentored him is rumored to be well kmown.

    Mr. Rourke sure was a looker before he went and had plastic surgery.

  2. One of my favorite feast days to attend mass.

    I know this is not the place but Steve Skojec just uttered some prophetic words of wants to come. He then deleted the post!

    Skojec said of his prophetic gift: "This is who I am. Believe me, I don't share them all."

    I don't have a copy of the post only error 404!

    1. Darn! You can't remember the prophecy either? Maybe he'll reprint.

      I bet it's about the mega quake to come, splitting the country in two - which is nature's reaction to the election - Hillary and Trump splitting the country and forebodes a great schism in the Church as well. I knew it!


  3. Terry can you elaborate on the background and meaning of this feast? Why do you suppose it fell out of favor. Never heard of it before.


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