Saturday, September 03, 2016

Fr. Warren Hall

Suspended for persistent homosexual advocacy.

Father Hall indicated that he thought his suspension showed that his Archbishop was out of step with Catholic thinking. - Source

Fr. Hall is a nice looking guy, looks friendly and approachable - in fact he just looks cool - not at all gay.  He looks like a normal guy.  I'm sure he's a good priest.

The problem seems to be that he thinks the Church has changed, or is in the process of changing Her teaching on homosexuality.  I hear the same sort of stuff from people who work at my parish.  It seems to be the general feeling among ordinary Catholics - the Church is more open and much more accepting.  I think that is true on some level.  Some level stopping short of approval for homosexual acts and gay marriage.

Catholic teaching on homosexual acts and marriage cannot change.

We need to 'lay aside every encumbrance of sin which clings to us'.  And persevere, not allowing ourselves to be dissuaded by false promises.

Know what I mean?


  1. Yeah but some people who work at parishes are also trying to change the church from within, thinking the church will accommodate their desires.

  2. There are those who strongly believe they are remaking the Church. Then there are those who would return to the Church as she was 100 years ago. I believe, should we all survive long enough, that there will be a great schism between these two groups. The tipping point will be the ordination of women and Gays. Actually, in my Diocese it has happened already. Ironically they have afflicted with another schismatic group called Old Catholics. Go figure!

  3. 30 years ago I was a foolish young woman who thought the Church should be more democratic and allow women priests. The gay marriage and/or priesthood wasn't on my radar at all. Oh - and I though abortion was OK sometimes. Why did I think these things? Because nobody ever explained WHY these things could never be.

  4. Angela, I was raised to believe that the big, mean church discriminated by not allowing women to be priests, also that abortion was fine and there was no reason to marry just because a woman got pregnant.

    wallace, if they're Old Catholics, they're not actually Catholic. I had a conversation with an OC alleged priest who is a chaplain at a secular nursing home. He was yapping about what they believe and when I asked why he said he was Catholic, he said "You must be one of those ROMAN Catholics." I quite enjoyed telling him that I'm actually a Byzantine Rite Catholic.

  5. Not sure he's a good priest.

  6. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. A heterodox antipope has intentionally created a massive amount of confusion.


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