Sunday, August 28, 2016

Pietor Rabbinsky

Barton rabbit

I saw him outside church after Mass.

He had been waiting for me - running out from under a yew, he scurried onto the grass and looked at me.

"Pietor!  That's you!  You followed me to church!"

He didn't answer of course - he was pretending he didn't know me.  Everybody does that with me.

Nevertheless, as I drove to church, he always seemed to be zig zagging across the street in front of me - showing off how fast he can run - sometimes I think he's enchanted and is able to bilocate.  He'd run out from under a car here, or from another yard there, trying to distract me, I thought.  By the time I got to the parking lot at church, he had disappeared.  I just assumed he had returned home - until I came out of church after Mass.  I never saw him again until this afternoon, all sacked out in the sun on the grass in the back garden.

You may ask how I knew the rabbit I saw on my way to church was actually Pietor and not just a bunch of different rabbits in the neighborhood (despite the fact the area is really over populated with them), it is because of the distinctive burnt sienna colored fur on the back of his head covering the tips of his shoulders.  I can also tell by his ears which are long and pointed, as well as the little white cotton tail.  I'd recognize him anywhere.

He's out in the garden right now.

Yep.  That's him.

Pietor's the one in the middle.


  1. I didn't know rabbits got that big.

    1. Only in my imagination - haha!

    2. With those front choppers he can devote those kids.

      I took the liberty of copying the image of Pedrito reclining. What a beauty.

    3. I meant devour ... ­čść


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