Monday, August 29, 2016

Reading online mystics ... and other potential triggers.


Yesterday I was reading an online mystic.

Something happens when I do that.  I suppose it's like going to an apparition site and being so moved, after you get home you start having locutions or even visions ... and messages to fill a book.

So anyway - I wanted to post an earthquake warning but wasn't real clear about where it would happen.  Then, while searching Google for fun gifs, I came across Franco Zeffirelli, who has been on my mind lately - for whatever reason.  To make a long story short, I was curious if he had died without my having heard about it.  I discovered he is 93 - he was born the same year as my parents, 1923.  My parents are dead - so I'm thinking he may not have a long time to live.  Which explains my post suggesting he may need our prayers.  I am serious about that - he's one of my favorite artists in the world - and I really do pray for him.

I unconsciously phrased the request the way I did because I think I had been influenced by an online mystic and I just wanted to see if I would be 'right' about Zeffirelli.

Still confused?  Think I'm crazy?

I was reading an online mystic who talks about things to come ... the presidential elections, the economy, the US dollar, China, Obama, bad weather, and so on.  He wrote some stuff demonstrating he had been 'right' about this and that, as well as posting a couple of clarifications on predictions yet to materialize - just in case they don't turn out the way he predicted.  He also modestly boasted that old cronies, business friends, political friends, and others are coming around, admitting he was 'right' about this or that, and asking what they should do now - which is such a boost to his credibility - right?*

. . .

After reading enough of that stuff,  I kind of get in the mood and issue my own warnings sometimes.  One of these days I just might be 'right' too.

Here's my latest prediction:
Beer will soon flow in the streets of La Crosse, Wisconsin; beer will flow from all sides, people will act in unusual ways, almost as if they were drunk - pandemonium will ensue and all will be in tumult ... Yet just as quickly, the rescue will be made manifest.   I'm thinking the chaos will commence somewhere between the Feast of St. Michael the Archangel and the Feast of the Guardian Angels, 2016.  

Remember - you heard it here first.

Refugees fleeing La Crosse
It could happen.

*If a prophet wants to be right or modestly boasts that he was right, chances are his prophecies are his own and not from God.  I might be wrong - but I don't need to be 'right'.


  1. Terry, I wondered about Zeffirelli and why we were asked to pray for him. Never a bad idea, prayer that is, I too sometimes get an inexplainable impulse to pray for someone. Interesting isn't it. I also think dreams are meaningful too. Problem is it takes an expert Jungian trained therapist to interpret. Mine are like Zeffirelli films complicated and bizarre. Always big problems that I am glad to escape by waking up. They have meaning I just do not know what. Anyway, can you post the date for the beer flowing event. Now that would be worth going to Wisconsin for!

  2. September 29 to October 2. Haha! It's their Octoberfest.

    For some reason Zeffirelli really has been on my mind. I love his work.

  3. I had the same reaction to the unnamed mystic I read yesterday. He talked about similar things. And yet...and yet!!!...prediction about next week and the dollar. I'll pretend like I don't care, that such stuff doesn't get to me. But it does, it does.

    I think he's either the real deal or "menses" (if anyone reading doesn't get that reference, please know that it's a reference and not a truly bizarre thing to call a man). It strikes me as strange that a prophet refers to a specific someone who will lead many good Catholics astray during the bad weather. Who knows? Prayers for all online mystics, especially you, Terry!

    1. Thanks Josh - man do I ever need them!

  4. From the online mystic -

    Let's be a sign of hope :)


  5. Reply

    marie157203 says:

    August 31, 2016 at 9:09 am

    Dear Charlie,
    I believe you are sincere. I discern what you speak of and, generally, it brings me hope. The Hope produces peace. We will all see what happens, won’t we? Your words have strengthened my trust in Divine Providence. I am better for having read and heard your messages. May God bless you, friend.
    In the Shelter of His Heart,

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  6. One of the many hopeful replies to Charlie's message today. He is very consistent with Trusting God, Taking the Next Right Step, and being a Sign of Hope to others. God Bless!

  7. Sorry - my original link did not work :(
    The Sound of Distant Cannons

    Posted on August 31, 2016 by charliej373

    distant cannons

    By Charlie Johnston

    “Brothers and sisters,I could not talk to you as spiritual people, but as fleshly people, as infants in Christ. I fed you milk, not solid food, because you were unable to take it. Indeed, you are still not able, even now, for you are still of the flesh. While there is jealousy and rivalry among you, are you not of the flesh, and walking according to the manner of man?”

    -I Corinthians 3:1-3

    I know I have become notably less indulgent of some discernment questions. That is not because I am angry, but simply because the focus has shifted to action. I have submitted myself to examination – first with my Director Priests over the last 21 years, then writing publicly on these things, and then before my Archbishop. I remain under obedience to my Directors and my Archbishop. If you want to weigh my words, they are all right here, in the archives.

    Some questions now are a restless effort to discredit me, motivated perhaps by disappointment or anger that those who hold actual authority over me did not restrict my content. Other questions are muddled because they misquote my actual words, quoting instead the interpretive overlay of someone’s selective perception of those words. Still other questions fixate on some ancillary issue that is only marginally related to the overall thrust. Finally, some few questions are legitimate. Even so, little of it matters. You have more than enough material to judge whether I tell you true, whether I am fundamentally authentic – or not.

    We hear, like cannons in the distance, the sound of a completely unraveling social order. Sometimes now that sound is not distant at all. Without deleting anything of what I have said, I have moved from informing the troops to rallying those troops for action. You may, in good conscience, find I am not your cup of tea. You may, in malicious anger, seek to discredit me, either because you think I am wrong or you fear I am right. Regardless, that is no longer my primary concern. I call people to the ordinary way now, to choose to acknowledge God, take the next right step, and be a sign of hope to those around them as the means to weather this Storm and prepare the way for Rescue. If you do this, even though you dismiss me and have a different view of Rescue, you will do well and be a part of the only hope of Rescue we have. I am not everyone’s cup of tea. If you think nothing is fundamentally wrong at all, well, God will show you different soon enough if you will hear.

    Regardless, it is not a fundamental focus for me anymore. Now I call to those who can see that we have boxed ourselves in as the social order caves in on itself and can hear that the way through is an ordinary one, to acknowledge God, take the next right step and be a sign of hope. We do that by doing the little right in front of us and staying true to the Scripture and Magisterium…to hear Christ’s Apostles, the Pope and College of Bishops. As the Master said of His apostles, “He who hears you hears me, and he who rejects you rejects me, and he who rejects me rejects him who sent me.” (Luke 10:16)

    We can all agree that I am not necessary to any. But I am helpful to some. Whoever chooses to follow and trust God, whatever the cost, whatever the odds, in these times is my ally, whether or not he is my friend. If my ordinary way helps you to do that, we are friends. If it does not, we need not be enemies. Either way, it is with no malice that I say I will rarely stop to explain myself as the battle looms large before us. It is time to live our faith consciously and resolutely. If there is no Rescue, we are doomed to a long and ugly new dark age. I was sent to proclaim the Rescue during these times. And so I do.

    1. Thanks. I read that - it is good, practical advice.

      I just question former remarks as indicated in my post here. It's fine that people 'follow' him - many good people follow Medjugorje too - it gives them hope and strengthens their faith and helps them to remain faithful in uncertain times. I don't think there is anything wrong with that.

      I do question many 'seers' setting dates and timetables, as many do today - suggesting 1917, the centenary of Fatima is the year everything is going to hit the fan and that there is some big rescue right around the corner and good will triumph. The Immaculate Heart of Mary will triumph - but I think it's a mistake to 'schedule' when that will be made manifest. Charlie didn't say it exactly like that - fine - but so many pious people have that take away from him as well as the other writers who speculate upon the Fatima events. It's reasonable from a natural standpoint, but God's ways are not our ways.

      I always think of Fr. Gobbi and the plethora of his locutions as well as projected dates for this or that - never happened.

      I'm not going to get into this right now - I've often posted on such things and my personal skepticism regarding locutions and visions. I have nothing against these folks - it just doesn't work for me.

      Prayer and the sacraments - living an ordinary life, living from faith, is what works for me. The fact Johnston promotes that is excellent.

      Charlie Johnston has his mission and God bless him - without the extraordinary claims, he probably wouldn't have gained notice. My skepticism and questioning what seems to me to be the product of personal meditation and informed conjecture shouldn't be interpreted as hostility, or motivated by envy, jealousy, or anger his superiors never silenced him. There are true and false mystics - always have been - I simply respond here on my blog to the stuff which inclines me to question such 'prophetic utterances' and to keep a healthy skepticism - I never called him a liar as some critics have.

      Charlie's repeated attempts to convince critics he is right, or pointing to this or that 'prediction' which has more or less worked out just seems off to me. It seems too self-promotional, self-referential. I may be wrong.

      This is already too long - no doubt he is very sincere, he speaks well of the Church and the Pope, and promotes a solid spirituality - the future is contingent upon our fidelity in the present moment - and it is subject to change.

      Any Christian pretty much recognizes what is happening globally, how every thing is threatened and we are living in tumultuous times - we can know these things naturally.

      God bless Charlie.

  8. BAHAAHAHA!!!!!! Terry you crack me up.

    1. I did that just for you.

    2. It's much appreciated, the kicker is the photos of the "refugees." Literally was laughing to the point of convulsing.


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