Sunday, August 28, 2016

The perfect nun ...

A friend brought her up yesterday.

Song for when she left the Congo here.


  1. +JMJ+

    One of the sisters at my church (not an Audrey sort, but it's not her fault) talked to me last week, suggesting that I discern a vocation to religious life. ("No husband? No boyfriend? Don't you think God is trying to tell you something? . . . [Me: "He's telling me . . . to pray harder?"] . . . You can't be single indefinitely. That's selfish!" Direct quotes, Terry. Direct quotes.)

    What I really wanted to say, but couldn't say, is that I don't get along with professed religious. I just don't. I've tried. With tragicomic results. I respect sisters, admire them, pray for them, and thank God for their vocations . . . but I can't seem to be friends with them. Consider this insight the fruit of years of discernment. No, I don't have that vocation.

  2. Was she old? That sounds so early 20th century. I suppose there are people who would agree with her - but I don't. No matter what they say - some people remain single, all their lives, and are not doing so for selfish reasons. You have qualifications a religious order would love and even need - but God is using them, working through you, in the state of life you are living now, in the present moment.

    Like you said - you have gone through years of discernment - at some point one needs to realize it is an unnecessary preoccupation which removes you from God's will in the present moment.

    Perhaps you should have told her your husband to be died in an abortion - after you told her you don't like living with know it all women. Haha! Just kidding. That would be mean. She meant well.

    I'll have to look up some single women saints for you. Here is one:

    Bl. Pina Suriano, a native of Partinico in the Diocese of Monreale [Sicily], loved Jesus with an ardent and faithful love to the point that she wrote in all sincerity: "I do nothing other than live for Jesus". She spoke to Jesus from her bride's heart: "Jesus, make me more and more your own. Jesus, I want to live and die with you and for you".

    Since childhood, she had been a member of the female branch of Catholic Action, of which she later became parish director, finding important incentives in the Association for human and cultural growth in an intense atmosphere of fraternal friendship. She gradually developed a simple, steadfast desire to give her young life to God as an offering of love and especially for the sanctification and perseverance of priests.

  3. +JMJ+

    Terry, that's such a lovely reply. Thank you!

    The sister who spoke to me cab fairly be described as "pre-conciliar." Old enough for you? LOL! But then again, so was Audrey, for a while.

    By the way, did you get the email I sent you about my new blog? Gmail seems to be miffed that I abandoned its cousin Blogger, because it keeps eating messages I send out and even some that come in.

    1. Sorry to say your email never came through - thanks for letting me know you responded though.

      As for your pre-concilliar nun friend, she may not realize that many women entered because there was no other way to realize their aspirations and desire to influence culture. The religious vocation is first and foremost a love affair with Jesus.

    2. +JMJ+

      If I really wanted to influence culture, I'd marry someone with political ambitions and beat Imelda Marcos at the First Lady Game. (This is a serious comment, of course.)

      Anyway, I've tried e-mailing you again. (Hotmail, right?) If that still doesn't work, I'll comment on another of your posts using my new link. And you'll know it's from me because your first reaction to the comment will be, "Just who does this wacko think she is???"


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